For all you peanut butter and chocolate fanatics out there, there is a delicious little dessert coming your way. Tim Hortons have announced that the winner of their 2014 Duelling Donuts competition, the 'Love Reese's to Pieces' donut, will be hitting Tim Hortons locations on July 15th. Beware: The following picture will induce drool.

The creator of this mouth-watering masterpiece and the winner of $10,000 is Jennifer Brown from Glencoe, Ontario. Jennifer is a graduate from Trent University in Peterborough, and went on to Queen's University to continue her studies. The Reese's donut triumphed the duel with over 8,000 votes in its favor. The other final four finalists were the Lumberjack by Judd Mah of Edmonton, the Big Canadian Red by Nikola Kostic of Toronto and the Ice Cream Sundae by Jennifer Veenvliet of Barrie.

Though it'll be available only for a limited time, this stellar treat is surely a must try. The 'Love Reese's to Pieces' is a chocolate donut with a crême brulée filling, and a layer of chocolate fondant with peanuts and mini Reese Peanut Butter cups on top.

Jesus, take the wheel.