We all know that lots of movies are shot in Toronto each year. The winner of the Academy Award for best picture in 2018, The Shape of Water, being one of them.

They don’t call the city Hollywood North for nothing. You can spot landmarks from Toronto in a lot of movies that claim to be in New York City, mostly because it's a lot cheaper to film here and let’s face it Toronto looks amazing on camera.

But the city is missing something that would make it absolutely world class for film making, according to one of the Shape Of Water producers. That thing would be more film studio space.  

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Producer J. Miles Dale, has written an opinion piece in the Toronto Star stating that more jobs in the film industry will not be created if the city doesn’t create more space for film and television production.  

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Dale also says that by investing in a film studio downtown it will give Toronto a great advantage over other cities for making movies, “giving producers convenient access to local businesses that support the industry while remaining only a stones-throw away from downtown filming locations, hotels and other amenities.”

Dale also says that there are a lot of people in the film industry who want to film in Toronto but due to the lack of studio space are unable to.  

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He adds that the province of Ontario lost out on $130 million back in 2016 because of this.

“Significant work lies ahead for Toronto to meet its potential. Now is the time for action,” Dale says.