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The Sweet Jesus Of Cinnamon Buns Just Opened In Toronto And They're Giving Them Away For Only $1

What better way to warm up than with a cinnamon bun!?

While we may be saying goodbye to patio and sangria season, that doesn't mean Toronto's foodie scene is slowing down in light of dropping temperatures. In fact, if anything, the holiday season is what brings out the craziest concoctions from chimney stacks to extra AF hot chocolate. Though we have to say the latest spot set to open is definitely going to be giving other local dessert spots a run for their money. 

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The spot in question is called Cinnaholic, and quite honestly the best way to describe it is the Sweet Jesus of cinnamon buns, meaning they are extra AF with the toppings in the best way possible. Now if the cinnamon joint that specializes in award-winning cinnamon rolls sounds slightly familiar, you may actually remember them from an episode of "Shark Tank"! 

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Their cinnamon buns are certainly worthy of the awards they've gotten, considering their flavour and toppings list is insane. You can get flavoured cinnamon buns such as Chai, Cake Batter, Marshmallow, Peanut Butter or even Coffee as well as 18 other flavours!

Toppings wise, you can choose from 23 options ranging from pretzels and cookie dough to Oreo cookies and brownie bites! The results of so many options are endless and make for some pretty drool-worthy desserts: 

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As of right now the chain has 23 locations in the United States and has begun its expansion into Canada with four currently open locations in Ontario, Alberta and Manitoba. Though the fifth location that is on it's way this week can actually be found in Toronto! 

As a celebration of the new opening, Cinnaholic is actually going to be offering their insane creations for only $1 this upcoming Friday between 10 AM to 2 PM. The only rules are that you must be present at the time of purchase and be over the age of 3.

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To visit and try out the crazy cinnamon buns for yourself, you can head over this weekend to 319 Danforth Ave. For more information on the opening event, you can check out their Facebook page by clicking here. To learn more about Cinnaholic you can visit their website by clicking here