The Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs In Canada For 2016

Will your degree get you one of these jobs?

There seems to be this prevailing notion that a job's salary determines how good or bad that job is. This is of course not true; however, individuals who place income at the top of their career priorities would find it quite an important parameter to consider when applying for jobs.

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Canadian Business recently released a list of Canada's best jobs in 2016. According to them, the following 10 jobs are the highest paying in Canada:

 10. Financial Manager

Median Salary: $97,074

Financial managers are responsible for the business-related development of companies, from insurance agencies to real estate firms. They analyze business trends to come up with strategies for company growth and development.

Degrees required: Bachelor's (or Masters/PhD) in business administration or finance (relevant work experience is helpful)

Wage growth: +17%

9. Pharmacist

Median Salary: $99,840

Pharmacists are responsible for either the formulation or dispensing of drugs and medication. In Canada, the demand for pharmacists has increased in recent years, and the position often has a good degree of stability.

Degrees required: Bachelor's (or Masters/PhD) in science or pharmacy, plus apprenticeship

Wage growth: +9%

8. Utilities Manager

Median Salary: $100,006

Utilities managers are responsible for the integration of processes within an organization to maintain and develop agreed services which support and improve the effectiveness of its primary activities.

Degrees required: Bachelor's (or Masters/PhD) in project management or related field

Wage growth: +11%

7. Engineering Manager

Median Salary: $100,006

Engineering managers are responsible for managing the engineering department of a company. They oversee daily operations, develop proposals and make sure that procedures are being followed to set standards.

Degrees required: Bachelor's (or Masters/PhD) in engineering plus Professional Engineer designation

Wage growth: +10%

6. Public Administration Director

Median Salary: $101,920

Public administration directors are responsible for overseeing branches of civil service, such as Elections Canada. They are part of the processes involved in creating government policies, programs and various community projects.

Degrees required: Bachelor's (or Masters/PhD) in law, business administration, social sciences (plus relevant work experience)

Wage growth: +23%

5. Mining & Forestry Manager

Median Salary: $104,000

Mining and forestry managers are responsible for managing the day-to-day operations regarding natural resources. They oversee mining, lumber milling and fisheries activities to ensure that production requirements are met to the appropriate standards.

Degrees required: Bachelor's (or Masters/PhD) in engineering, earth sciences, geology, earth science or petroleum engineering (plus relevant work experience)

Wage growth: +19%

4. Health & Community Service Manager

Median Salary: $104,541

Health & Community Service Managers are responsible for the implementation of health care and social policies. They create and direct programs related to the health and social welfare of communities and the people that constitute them.

Degrees required: Graduate degree in health, social science or equivalent

Wage growth: +9%

3. Petroleum/Chemical Engineer

Median Salary: $104,998

Petroleum engineers are responsible for researching data on oil and gas deposits, including their location and methods of extraction. Chemical engineers conduct similar studies, but are more focused on the biochemical processes involved in the conversion of materials.

Degrees required: Bachelor's (or Masters/PhD) in petroleum engineering

Wage growth: +16%

2. Economic Development Director

Median Salary: $105,144

Economic development directors are responsible for analyzing, planning and applying economic policies. A major part of their job involves researching the impact of government policies on issues like taxation, global trade, labour markets, etc. They also create programs to promote industrial and business development in urban and rural areas.

Degrees required: Bachelor's (or Masters) in economics, business administration, commerce or public administration

Wage growth: +10%

1. Senior Industrial Manager

Senior industrial managers are responsible for overseeing an entire production team, usually at a plant or factory. They also make sure that protocol is being followed by employees, and that machinery is to standard.

Median Salary: $106,662

Degrees required: Bachelor's (or Masters/PhD) in business administration, business management or engineering.

Wage growth: +16%

See Canadian Business' complete list here.

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