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The 10 Trendiest Travel Destinations You Have To Visit For 2017

You'll never guess where Canada falls on the list.

If this website hasn't pushed the idea, it's that travelling is an essential experience for the soul. It forces you to grow and open your mind to things you never thought the world could offer. You can't put a price on the experiences and rewards that come with getting on a plane and seeing the world. As a university student there are so many destinations that I already have ready to cross off on my bucket list but I probably won't get to travel to most of them until after school is officially over for the year. And if there's one thing that you should definitely consider for the upcoming new year (which is already 64 days away!) it's to put that passport to use and go to a completely different country that you've never been to before.

Here's a list compiled by Lonely Planet of the best destinations to travel to that you've probably never been to and should definitely consider missioning to!

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10. Ethiopia

If you love coffee, culture and the sun then you'll love what Ethiopia has to offer. Trek through the Simien Mountains to witness never before seen wildlife or visit a remote cliff on Tigray that'll give you one of the most breathtaking views you'll ever see (literally, that hike up the cliff with have you puffing your ass off). In 2017 new airline links will make the country more accessible than ever, so be one of the first to hop on board.

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9. Myanmar

Raise your hand if you've never heard of this country. Yup, me too don't worry. Until now I've never heard of such an oddly named nation but after looking into it I've fallen more and more in love with this Asian country. Take a break from the city and feel at ohm with the monks at the breathtakingly beautiful monasteries.

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8. Oman

This Arabic jewel deserves a lot more credit and it's finally getting it here on this list. With more flights flying in there are so many hotels stepping up their game in this growing industrial country that'll give you a second home while you visit the new family theme park being opened in 2017.

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7. Mongolia

In 2017, Mongolia will be revealing a brand new airport symbolizing the country's rapid modernization. Enjoy the Mongolian city with glass and steel metal skylines, and the $500-million Shangri-La complex also being finished in 2017 featuring 290 hotel rooms, an IMAX cinema and a Hard Rock Cafe. If you feel like taking a break from the city, the Mongolian countryside is just as much of a ownder to get lost in.

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6. Bermuda

Forget the legends of the triangle, you'll get lost in the beauty that lies in Bermuda. This British territory off the coast of North Carolina will be hosting the American Cup in June and its climate is perfect for those who enjoy sailing and a nice breeze.

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5. Nepal

Despite all that the nation of Nepal has been through, nothing can shake away its beauty. Visit this beautiful country full of so much culture and help build back the nation to what it was by supporting the economy through buying souvenirs and exploring.

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4. Dominica

If you're like me than you probably didn't even know that this place exists. Hidden on the Virgin Islands, this tropical destinations is full of historic ferns, shores, and coconut trees are the only skyscrapers you'll be seeing. Visit before 2018 when it gets its first large chain resort paving away a lot of its natural cultural beauty.

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3. Finland

In 2017, Finland will be celebrating their 100 years of independence from Sweden and Russia since 1917. That mean the entire nation is going to be celebrating with concerts, festivals, exhibitions, and you can bet there'll be lots and lots of booze. Other than that, you can totally enjoy the beautiful scenes that this underrated Scandinavian country has to offer.

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2. Colombia

Here's a place for those who enjoy a vibrant environment that also makes pretty great cups of coffee. This South American jewel is a place that'll welcome you with all it has to offer and all the sights you must see! In 2017, Colombia will be expecting a visit from the Pope himself who will kiss the Colombian soil and will mark the Andean nation’s first papal visit in 30 years.

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1. Canada!

Three cheers to the true north strong & free! Finally some acknowledgement & representation of our beloved country. I mean, what's not to love? We're reputably known for our dynamic cities, our beautiful landscape, insane cleanliness, and our really hot prime minister. YAAAS Canada, four for you!