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The Top 15 Profs At Wilfrid Laurier Who's Classes You'll Want To Take

Laurier is home to some great parties and people but the university is also home to some stand out professors that go above and beyond for their students. While the list doesn't stop at 15, these hilarious, caring and passionate professors in particular are popular among Laurier students for a reason!

Sofy Carayanopoulos

Sofy is a name every BBA student at Laurier is well acquainted with after the hell on earth that is BU111. Though, if there is anyone who is able to make the tough course tolerable, it's Sofy. She has a passion for business and spreads it to all of her students, plus her sense of humour makes lectures more fun!

Laura Allan

Dr. Allan's passion extends far beyond her teaching in the classroom. Not only is she passionate about her teaching but she is always open to help students outside of the classroom whether it be regarding school, clubs or even life advice. She is always so welcoming and friendly and makes every student feel appreciated!

Eileen Wood

Eileen Wood is unbelievably talented at what she does and provides the resources for students to succeed in her classes. Her passion is overwhelming and in general she is super relatable and understanding. Plus her humour makes her lectures something you look forward to!

Wayne Morris

Dr. Morris is one of the most understanding profs at Laurier with tons of experience and interesting stories that he brings to the classroom. He modifies assignments to meet students needs and his assignments are solely based around the entirety of his class ensuring people who do their assignments will be ready for the exams.

Steve Risavy 

Dr. Risavy just really wants his students to do well. He always offers to connect students to people he knows to help them with their career aspirations. His compassion extends to students who have already graduated as well and is always open to chat. He really believes in his students and has the perfect balance of lecture/discussions to keep class interesting!

Leanne Hagarty 

Dr. Hagarty cares about her students not only learning but also absorbing the content so they are prepared for the exams. She brings in guest speakers as much as she can to keep lectures interesting and heavily promotes participation to keep material interesting and modern.

Mark Wagner

Dr. Wagner is really passionate about what he does and it shows in the way he teaches. He also is one of the most compassionate profs Laurier has the offer, he is constantly thinking of students and even will bring in timbits every so often to lecture for everyone!

Gregory Cameron 

Dr. Cameron has to be one of the most passionate profs in the Comm program, and his passion really shines through what he teaches. He also is extremely interactive with his class and genuinely wants everybody to do well. He is always ensuring that everybody understands what is being taught and prepares everyone as much as he can for exams.

Christopher Lemieux  

Dr. Lemieux shares his love for the environment in a way that makes you want to make a difference and do something for the world. He always leaves the class with his students feeling like there is something they can do to make a positive change. His classes just make you feel so inspired and purposeful!

Ali Hassan Zaidi

Dr. Zaidi has a wide range of knowledge concerning a lot of different topics so he is always able to give you good advice on anything regardless of the subject matter! He also really cares about the students at Laurier and his debate-heavy lectures are always really interesting!

Robert Boulliane 

Dr. Boulliane is extremely patient if you don't understand anything and has a ton of experience in his field to share with his students. He always knows how to explain things in different ways with stories to make it more understandable for students who were having issues. Overall though he is extremely kind and never makes you feel like you're asking a dumb question!

Nicholas Ray 

Dr. Ray is such a funny prof and knows how to get a whole class of people to not only engage but enjoy the class overall! He has a ton of knowledge on so many different things but his ability to really make a lecture stand out is unbelievable. Plus he loves movies so you get to watch a ton over the semester that end up teaching you a lot more than you thought they would!

Jason Venkiteswaran

Dr. Venkiteswaran is one of the nicest professors around at Laurier and takes the time to listen to his students whenever they have questions, commentary or just want to chat! His midterms and exams are extremely fair and he makes his assignments geared towards real life situations so they're more interesting to do! You learn a lot from him when he is teaching and makes classes that otherwise seem unenjoyable a lecture you end up looking forward to!

Eric Hall

Dr. Hall is incredibly open and caring to every single one of his students and makes everybody feel known! He allows everyone to do their own thing and show their individuality and takes the time to build individual lesson plans for each student to help build personal strengths and work on weaknesses.

Sarah Wilner 

Dr. Wilner is hilarious and always makes sure to get to know everyone in her classes personally. She somehow makes three hour lectures fly by with interesting conversations that engage the whole class and relates a lot of her content to real life so it's easier to understand!

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