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If you are a Ryerson University student on Twitter and have not already done so, you need to be following @RyersonProblems. Seriously, go now, do it, I'll wait.

The account, started in 2011 by a student, serves as an outlet for students to vent their issues with the school in a way that is not only therapeutic but entertaining as all hell for the rest of us. The student who started the account has since graduated and passed the account on as to keep in it in the family for many years and graduating classes to come. It currently houses over 4800 followers and over 5,000 tweets of pure frustration, general commentary and just overall hysterical observations.

Here are some of the best of the worst.

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1. Drizzy understands the struggle.

2. Nothing beats a Maury meme.

3. Just a five minute power nap and then I'll start studying, I swear.

4. Straight up, Ted Rogers has to be the third most confusing building on campus, after Sally Horsfall and Eric Palin Hall.

5. I'm just trying to get to class, not do 15 minutes on a stair master.

6. Except I paid for those chairs so I will god damn do as I please.

7. This dude is my freakin' hero.

8. It's like the professors want you to fail hard.

9. Just a regular day at Ryerson's downtown campus

10. The giant white horse head we get but dude, a blue unitard? really?

11. Some days you just gotta do what you gotta do

12. Exam season in the library is a losing battle

13. #NeverForget the yellow brick road saga of 2013-2014.

14. How to get a Ryerson student institutionalized 101.

15. Who doesn't freakin' love this guy? Do your thang man, do your thang..

16. Things that are never, ever, ever acceptable for 500.

17. They should be paying us to keep coming to school after that.

18. Casual

19. May the odds be ever in your favour.

20. Requires zero effort or mental competence.

21. When math becomes acceptable and necessary.

22. Leave it to Rye to find the most dramatic way to ever have finals.

23. The most infuriating epidemic of 2014. #ShowMeTheMoney.

24. Someones mother needed to spank them more as a child.

25. Veraaaaaay nice, how much?

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