Having a high-paying, respectable job, that doesn't come with the dreaded "Monday morning feeling" sounds like something reserved for Hollywood movies and/or actual dreams. However, if you lay the foundations properly now, getting the best, most relevant qualifications, you may find that dream job quickly becoming a reality.

Ultimately, achieving those #careergoals comes down to hard work and perseverance. Find what you're good at, or what you enjoy doing, and learn everything there is to know about it. If you're the best in your field, who else are employers going to hire but you?

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Remember, behind every awesome career lies a talented individual with the know-how, passion, and ultimately, the qualifications to do the job. Getting yourself qualified beyond a simple undergrad is becoming increasingly important - degrees are now par for the course, with employers expecting them as the bare minimum - to stand out from the pool of job candidates, having a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) gives you that edge on the competition.

An MBA can give you access to some of the highest-paying and engaging careers in Canada today. The skills you learn during your course of choice will not only help turn great ideas into successful companies but help prepare you with the skills required for a range of top-tier business roles, for example:

1 - Marketing Director:

One for all the creatives out there, as a marketing director, you spend your days working on marketing campaigns doing everything from helping design ads themselves, to developing pricing strategies, and directing teams of people, ensuring a campaign comes together how it should. An MBA arms any creative-type with the business savvy and analytical skills necessary to take their career to the next level.

2 - Chief Financial Officer (CFO):

Unsurprisingly, one of the highest-paying jobs out there is one in which you spend your day managing money. As a CFO you are be overseeing the day-to-day finances of a business, overcoming any obstacles, and ensuring all the financial departments are running smoothly. If seeing perfectly balanced spreadsheets gives you great joy, perhaps a career in this field is something you can excel (pun 100% intended) in.

3 - IT Director:

As we move into an increasingly tech-based workspace, a career in IT is both appealing and lucrative to many. If you also happen to be obsessed with computers, then a career in computing or IT may be the ultimate job for you. You can expect to strategize, execute, and manage the day-to-day tech operations in a company, and take the lead in creating solutions to improve current IT processes. An MBA can take your passion and turn it into a lucrative career.

Whatever your ideal career in business is, the journey to making it there starts with one step - getting your MBA. But, not all MBAs were created equal - some schools have better reputations than others, some courses are more thorough than others. There's a whole world of courses to choose from (literally if you want to study abroad) so where do you even begin?

Well, Toronto's a good a place as any, and on February 4th 2017, The QS World MBA Tour is coming to this wonderful city to host an MBA information event covering everything you could ever need to know about MBAs, careers in business, and everything in between.

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QS is the leading provider of MBA information events in the world. Helping students find the path to their ideal career for over 20 years, their Toronto event promises much of the same, bringing together some of the top business schools in the world including our very own UofT, alumni of these schools, and leading industry experts.

The one-day event is designed as a one-stop shop to help give you the answers to your toughest MBA-based questions - no matter where you are in the research process. It's a way more effective method of research than navigating through hundreds of tabs (only half of which are actually about MBAs) with Netflix on in the background.

The event includes panel discussions, seminars, and a fair, giving you the opportunity to meet with schools from around the world, talk to fellow students, alumni, and industry professionals, and even have one-to-ones with admissions directors. There's also pre-fair presentations and interactive panels giving tips on the acing the GMAT - getting through that is something everyone could do with some help with!

Additionally, with hundreds of people expected to attend, the QS World MBA Tour will be an insanely good networking opportunity. Recent statistics suggest that as many as 85% of job positions these days are filled through personal connections - putting yourself out there at events like this one is a vital first step and one that could pay great dividends further down the line!

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To further sweeten the deal, everyone in attendance is eligible to apply for over $1.7 million (USD) worth of MBA scholarships, making your post-grad journey that little bit easier.

For more information on the day, including who's attending, check out QS World MBA Tour website, and register here to secure your place - it's free for all Narcity Toronto readers (saving you $15!)!