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The Toronto Event That Will 416% Answer Your Questions About Grad School

I invite you to learn from my mistakes.
The Toronto Event That Will 416% Answer Your Questions About Grad School

Remember when you were forced to pick a university major at 17? You still need your grapes cut in half at that age! But you picked, and maybe through that four-year degree, you discovered something you would liked. Or you didn't! The point is, you've decided to continue studying.

I remember being asked, "do you want an academic or professional degree?" when considering grad school. My barely audible answer sounded something like, "ughhhmmmshhhh..."

Masters and PhDs can take one to six years to complete, so it's probably worth doing your research. I know, the application process seems scary has hell, but don't worry - The QS World Grad School Tour hitting the Metro Convention Centre on September 10 has got all the answers to your most burning questions, and then some!

Is a thesis longer than 140 characters?

You pick a topic. It sucks. You pick another topic. It's been done a million times. You scour the complete history of your area of interest. Dead end. You start again. Find the perfect topic. Supervisor agrees. You annihilate secondary research. Appeal to the ethics committee to do to primary research. You get denied. You appeal...you get it...

A thesis can be the most rewarding experience, if you're not researching a topic that makes you think bad thoughts. The QS World Grad School Tour gives you the opportunity to talk to school representatives, alum, and other prospective students about all the possibilities available to you.

Is a GMAT something I can lay on?

You cannot do yoga on a GMAT, or GRE on your knees, or even LSAT in a hat! I love me some standardized testing. Entrance exams can make or break your grad school application, so get expert tips straight from the source on how to best prep for any kind of exam they throw at you.

What's "Face time"?

Believe it or not, talking to someone in person is a great way to make a memorable impression, especially when it comes to admissions directors. Take advantage of the best-purveyed grad school event in the world, and get direct access to the very people you need to impress the most from top local and international schools.

Tuition is a superstition, right?

Unfortunately, it is so real. Collect plenty of useful information, from info sessions on postgraduate admission tips to seminars on getting into grad school, so you can know exactly what to expect.

Scholarships are also rad, and they are given out for a myriad of reasons. So find them. Apply for them. It's really a no lose situation. FYI - Over $2 million worth of scholarships are up for grabs at the QS World Grad School Tour.

So if you've got grad school on the consideration list, I highly recommend adulting and heading over to the one-stop-Grad School-shop at the Metro Convention Centre on September 10.  It's there, it's interactive, it's all about your future. Not to mention, you'll likely have a lifetime supply of branded reusable water bottles, pens, and frisbees by the end of it!

Check out at the QS World Grad Tour website for complete details and to register your spot. Entrance is free for Narcity TO readers (a saving of $15), so don’t miss out!