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The Toronto Event You Need To Attend If You Want To Study And See The World

Study on the other side of the world.
The Toronto Event You Need To Attend If You Want To Study And See The World

Ever dreamed of sipping a cappuccino in one hand and licking a gelato in the other, while analyzing an infamous Roman fountain for one of your assignments?

Or what about graduating from Law or Medical School in London with your fellow classmates, all future lawyers and doctors from all over the world?

Toronto's a great place to study, but going abroad for your undergraduate or post-graduate/ masters degree enriches you in ways you would not believe. It gives you a completely different perspective on your surroundings and makes you more employable and interesting when you're applying for a job or internship. Not to mention, you will gain knowledge and friends from places you've never visited, transform your Instagram into that of a nomadic scholar, and it's a TON of fun.

Luckily, you can make this dream a reality with The Study and Go Abroad Fair!

Study and Go Abroad Fair is Canada’s largest international university and student travel expo.  This event is a must-go for any students looking to spend their education (undergraduate or postgraduate level degrees, certificates etc),  gap year or to travel (volunteer, work, intern or learn a language abroad.

What's amazing about this event is that many top-ranked colleges and universities from around the world participate in the fair. It's the perfect opportunity for students to meet with these schools in person and ask all the questions they need to know about programs, admission requirements, scholarships, destinations etc. There are also many scholarship options available - so your dream of going abroad won't necessarily empty your wallet or give you debt. 

The best part of it? Admission and seminars are FREE. Also, all visitors who attend the event are entered into a grand prize draw - the prize is a return trip to anywhere in the world, sponsored by Air Canada. Travel for free? I'm down. 

The event takes place in Toronto on Sunday, March 5th from 1-5pm (with the feature seminar on scholarships starting at 12 noon) at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.  Pre-register for the event here. We look forward to seeing you there!

For More information, follow Study and Go Abroad on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube!