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The Toronto Event You Need To Check Out If You’re Not Sure About Getting Your MBA

Turn your career goals into reality.
The Toronto Event You Need To Check Out If You’re Not Sure About Getting Your MBA
Unit Production Manager

At this point in my life, the thought of my future is constantly buzzing around in my brain: fulfilling my potential, building a flourishing career, setting myself up to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle - the worries seem endless. Literally, I'm up every night fretting about it. The one career I know tons of my peers are currently finding tons of success in? Business.   

With the omnipresence of technology and rise in start-ups, business is no longer just a hugely popular field of study; it's a lucrative world of exciting and rewarding possibilities. Still, none of us hard-working, ambitious millenials want to be just another fish in the job-market pond, aimlessly swimming around without the hope of achieving eventual success.

If you're unsure about how to get a leg up in the sometimes elusive job market, an MBA is a great wayto propel your business career straight to the top. Earning an MBA finesses your professional aptitudes, provides you with practical experience, and opens up a crazy amount of opportunities that aren’t possible with only a bachelor’s degree. An MBA can equip you with exceptional leadership skills, help you land a significant salary increase in the long run, and can even lead to launching your own business.

Trust us, an MBA from a reputable grad school doesn't just look good on your resume, it impresses potential employers. An MBA validates that you're a serious candidate worth taking on because YOU know what's up. It's the notch in your unique professional belt that you definitely need. 

Attending Toronto's QS MBA World Tour on Saturday, February 2, lets you get up close and personal with scholars and admission directors from 25 world-renowned MBA schools and 35 grad schools. Seriously, if anybody can convince you that earning an MBA will pretty much guarantee you a successful career, it's these pros!

The cherry on top of meeting these prestigious scholars and securing a promising future? You’ll have access to $7M in scholarships when you attend this event! I mean, that's reason enough to register for this auspicious business event. 

What You Need to Remember:What: QS World MBA TourWhen: Saturday, February 2, 2019, from 1:30 PM - 6:00 PMWhere: Marriott Toronto Downtown Eaton Centre, 525 Bay Street

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Brittany Alexandra Silveira
Unit Production Manager