No lie, Toronto is one of the best places in the country to live in. Not only does Toronto have cool spots to eat, drink, chill, shop and discover - but some of Canada's best schools also happen to be located right here.

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Which makes the whole "to go to grad school or not to go to grad school" debate a whole lot easier, to be honest. When some of Canada's most awesome schools are right in your backyard... well, that makes things a whole lot easier.

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Seriously, grad school is always a pretty solid decision. A graduate degree could help you totally switch career paths; find a good-paying job that gets you travelling; differentiate you from the crowd of people with just an undergrad degree; and even make more money in tons of different industries (like education or construction, for example!). 

But if you're struggling a little bit to make a decision or if you just want to have any and all of your grad school questions answered, then Toronto also happens to have some pretty legit tools available to help you out. 

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Just like the QS World Grad School Tour, coming to Toronto's Metro Toronto Convention Centre on September 21, 2017.

This event is super key for anyone and everyone considering going to grad school. First of all, the QS World Grad School Tour puts over 100 awesome universities under one roof, including the University of Toronto, York University and Queen's University - as well as international unis, like UCLA, King's College London, London School of Economics and many more!

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Admissions directors will also be there, so they'll be able to answer all of your questions on what exactly you need to do to get in to your new dream school.

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Plus, the event will have tons of presentations, seminars and sessions (including a little presentation with tips and tricks on how to ace your admissions exams), so you can actually get a firsthand feel as to what your grad school journey might be like - and get all the info you'll ever need on the next exciting step in your life! 

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Oh, and as an added bonus? Every attendee of Toronto's QS World Grad School Tour will be eligible to apply for a pool of scholarships worth $7 million... $1.3 of which are exclusive to the QS. So you know exactly where you need to be on September 21.

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To register for Toronto's QS World Grad School Tour and for more information on the event, check out their website and Facebook page!