UPDATE: Monday, July 23rd, 18:15: The Ontario SUI just released the name of the Danforth shooter and his history of mental illness.

After the mass shooting in Toronto's Greektown last night left two dead and multiple injured, many people have been asking one question. Who would do this?

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The Toronto Police have yet to release a name of the individual who caused such a tragedy in Ontario's capital and there is a reason behind that choice. The 29-year old who has been identified as the shooter is currently being investigated by the province's Special Investigations Unit, also known as SIU. 

Toronto shooter all in black (aside from the handbag) will not have his name released. The gun(s) used, style of handbag, length and trim style of beard will also not be released to respect the families of the victims (That makes sense, right?) pic.twitter.com/RxhlAd6BL7

July 23, 2018

PHOTOS: Numerous people shot along Danforth Av in #Toronto's Greektown. Reports of at least 10 victims including children. Patients are spread across several blocks in the area. Mass casualty response from @TorontoMedics @Toronto_Fire. pic.twitter.com/UK8lUHUP5l

July 23, 2018

It actually goes against SIU policy to release the identity of the suspect before notifying his family. In addition, they announced that the shooter has a post-mortem autopsy scheduled for Tuesday, so it's likely his identity will be released after that has taken place. 

What the SIU can confirm is that they currently do have possession of the firearm that the shooter used and that the Toronto Police are obtaining a warrant to search his residence. 

Toronto police seek motive after gunman kills two, injures 13 https://t.co/SMQ0S8kBLx pic.twitter.com/6zUf7AqIzB

July 23, 2018

The shooter has also been confirmed to have died from a gunshot wound, though it is unclear if it was by police or self-inflicted. 

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Police Chief Mark Saunders said in a press conference on Monday afternoon that the motive, at this time, remains unclear. He also urges anyone with additional information about what happened on Sunday night, including photos and videos, to contact the Toronto police. 

Latest from Toronto shooting (per police):
18-year-old woman killed
10-year-old girl killed
13 other victims (injuries range from minor to serious)https://t.co/d9hHMfoeZP pic.twitter.com/8FxNMHZ6eJ

July 23, 2018

As the investigation continues we can only hope that the police are able to give the concerned public answers as quickly as possible. 

Source: CBC

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