In all honesty, it can be a little difficult to get a job straight after university. Make no mistake, uni is still a super key investment in your future - but sometimes, getting employed with just a university degree is hard. Especially without any relevant work experience.

Which is exactly where schools like Toronto's RED Academy come in. RED Academy has campuses in Toronto, Vancouver and London, U.K, and it's pretty much unlike any school out there at the moment.

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Focusing on educating their students in ways that ensures they're ready for the workforce, RED offers courses in UX Design, UI Design, Digital Marketing and Web and App Development. Sounds pretty chill so far, right?

Not only do they specialize in cutting-edge education, but there's also a ton of career support available, dedicated to getting students into their dream careers ASAP

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RED Academy works with local businesses and integrates their real-life projects into classes. Meaning everything that students work on are real-life client work, not a case study; it also means that students graduate with an actual portfolio, and are ready to hit the ground running and break into their dream industry right after they graduate. And, the best part? RED Academy could have you ready to graduate in just 12 weeks.

No matter what your situation is, this is a pretty sweet deal. Whether you're brand new to the world of working, or whether you're looking to switch career paths altogether, a school that focuses on career coaching and personal and professional development is pretty amazing. Plus, they have a really cool study space and special social events on Fridays. What more do you need?

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And just to prove how awesome they are, RED Academy is offering a bunch of free events to prospective students this upcoming February and March.

Throughout February, RED will be hosting a series of events that range from free sample classes, Guest Speakers, information sessions and Alumni Panels. These free-to-attend seminars will be on various topics relevant to the digital media world, like RED Talks: The Future of Marketing on February 28.

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And if a seminar isn't enough for you, RED will be offering FREE "sampler" classes during the month of February as well. You'll basically get to be a fly on the wall on what a typical class at RED is like; and they've got some pretty cool classes offered, too! For example: Automation for Social Media and Content on February 13 and Web Accessibility: Tricks of the Trade on February 15. 

Finally, RED will also be hosting two separate info sessions on February 22 and March 15. During these info sessions, you'll be able to speak with RED instructors and career coaches, and get answers on things like admissions and which programs or courses might help you fulfill all your career goals. 

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For more information on RED Academy Toronto and their February events, check out their event listingsFacebook, and Instagram!