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The Toronto Zoo Has New Baby Wolves But Their Story Is Such A Roller Coaster

Let this be a reminder that the life of an animal is pretty brutal. Although the Toronto Zoo has the cutest residents, we always have to remember that they're still wild. On May 11, the zoo shared mixed news about newborn wolf pups, and it really is one hell of a ride to read about.

The zoo revealed on Monday that it has new baby wolves, but only after a vicious fight between two adult wolves that led to the death of one animal.

According to a post on the official Toronto Zoo Facebook page, the incident occurred on May 2 between two wolf sisters Dora and Vera.

The pair had been being monitored for weeks because it was believed that either, or both, of them had given birth.

The zoo reports that after the fight, Vera's injuries left her unable to stand or walk.

They were ultimately so severe that the zoo was forced to euthanize her after consulting with external specialists and zoo experts.

But the story had something of a happy ending (we guess?) after Dora's injuries were treated and she was returned to her den.

Wildlife Care subsequently saw three pups emerge from Dora's den and they even saw Dora move two from Vera's den to hers to look after them.

"While we can confirm that wolf pups have been spotted, given they do not usually emerge from the den until approximately eight to 12 weeks other than for short periods of time, we cannot confirm how many pups were born or exactly, how old they are at this time," noted the zoo's statement.

The pups sure do look cute, but it's been one hell of a ride reading about their first days since being born.

This continues the trend of the zoo updating Ontarians on its animals while it is closed to the public.

And it's taken the public on some journeys, that's for sure.

Notably, for example, there were the times that zoo staff took animals to visit and befriend each other, creating the most unlikely animal friendships.

But it's not all been good news.

The zoo revealed recently it was facing a situation in which it couldn't pay for all the animals' food costs due to loss of entrance and parking fees. A campaign was set up in order to raise money to keep their animals healthy and fully fed.

And the public responded magnificently, raising enough money in nine days to keep their animals fed for six months.

Now, there are new mouths to feed!

Meanwhile, Canada's Accredited Zoos and Aquariums revealed last week it is working on a reopening plan that would involve using Google Maps to enforce "family bubbles" among visitors.

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