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The Most Precious Endangered Baby Tortoise Just Hatched At The Toronto Zoo

It's the first hatchling of its kind at the zoo!

With spring in the air, The Toronto Zoo has just welcomed a new baby into their family. On Wednesday, the zoo announced that they had successfully hatched a Madagascar spider tortoise over the weekend. The achievement, which came after an extensive incubation period, marks the first time a hatchling of its kind has arrived at the establishment.

In a Facebook post, the zoo mentions that they have been attempting to reproduce this endangered species since 2007, and were happy to finally welcome it into the world on May 2. 

"After an extensively monitored incubation period, we are thrilled to announce a baby Madagascar spider tortoise successfully hatched on Saturday May 2nd 🐢This is the first hatching of a Madagascar spider tortoise at the Toronto Zoo," read the statement. 

The post states that once the egg was discovered back in October by some zoo keepers, it was placed into incubation for several months before it was ready to be hatched. 

"The egg was laid October 4th, 2019, and did go through a diapause, a period of "suspended animation" before developing and successfully hatching," the statement continued. 

According to the zoo, the Madagascar spider tortoise is a small tortoise native only to southwestern Madagascar.

Its spooky name derives from the beautiful web-like pattern of yellow and black that can be seen on its upper shell.

The species is currently listed as "Critically Endangered" as its population continues to decline due to the pet and food trade that takes place in that region. 

This new baby is a big step in helping to preserve the species. 

While it may be the first spider tortoise to make the Toronto Zoo its home, there are a variety of other tortoises throughout the grounds as well. 

Back in April, keepers at the zoo took some tortoises for a stroll down around the gorilla exhibit.

The apes, who were amazed by the creatures, were captured in an adorable moment, which was later shared with the zoo's social media pages.