One of the biggest storms of the winter so far is headed for Toronto and the TTC is already warning of a "slow, messy" commute home today. According to a TTC representative, they have all hands on deck and people on standby to deal with any problems that are expected to arise during today's commute home. All this is because of the weather. 

There is currently a snowfall warning in place for parts of Southern Ontario, including Toronto. Here we are expected to get a total of 15 to 20 cm of snow tonight. The storm is part of an Alberta Clipper that is moving across the region along with even more snow hitting Toronto because of the moisture off of Lake Ontario. 

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Even in the warning from Environment Canada, they say that the commute is going to get messy. They warn that "there will likely be a significant impact on the commute both this evening and Tuesday morning." They also say that there will be quickly "changing and deteriorating travel conditions".

Now, based on those warnings, the TTC is trying to get ahead of the storm by taking preventative steps and putting contingency plans in place, though they don't specify what those plans include. 

We have all available hands on deck, or on standby, to prepare for/deal with, what is going to be a slow, messy commute home this afternoon. We're taking preventative steps to avoid problems across the network and have contingency plans just in case.

28 January 2019

This move from the TTC comes after extreme cold and snow last week caused several days of chaos on Toronto's transit network. 

It all started on Monday when the deep freeze temperature caused some TTC equipment to fail. This lead to huge delays and almost unmanageable overcrowding at some of the TTC subway stations. The delays lasted all week long. 

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It's not just the cold this time. Today the snow is going to be the main problem out on the roads. The TTC and Environment Canada aren't the only ones issuing warnings about it either.

A Toronto official told CTV today that with the coming snow, which is expected to hit hardest around 5:00 PM, it would be best if people in the city are able to leave work early to lessen the strain on the roads during the usual rush hour. 

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The snow has been ongoing in parts of Southern Ontario all day and is going to last through to Tuesday, meaning the commute tomorrow morning will probably also be terrible.