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The TTC Is Planning To Offer Cheaper Fares For Post-Secondary Students But It's Going To Affect Your Tuition

Being a student in Toronto can get pretty pricey, between rent, school, and transportation especially. Right now it costs the average student $930 for each school year when it comes to the TTC- bear in mind that the average income a student in college or university is less than half of the province's average.

Though there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel, the subway tunnel that is thanks to recent talks at TTC about deeper discounts for post-secondary students. 

The change in the student system is planned to be oriented around a "U-Pass program" that both university and college students would be eligible for. The pass being offered for as low as $70- half the price of a traditional adult monthly pass. The only catch? Well, all participating schools would have to agree to charge that $70 fee to all attending students as part of their tuition in order to balance everything out. 

The U-Pass will be the subject of debatefor the TTC board on March 20th so we won't know any concrete details on the fate of the program until then. As of now, we do know that the goal of the program is to "make transportation more affordable for post-secondary students and potentially unlock additional economic, educational and cultural opportunities." So let's hope it ends up panning out! 

Source:Toronto Star 

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