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11 Weed Dispensaries In Toronto That Will Give You Your Best High

CALLING ALL STONERS! Love a good toke? Regardless if you're a longtime smoker, a first-timer, or just intrigued by the idea of cannabis, this is the guide for you! 

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If you're looking to wake and bake, all of these dispensaries open up shop in the morning. They sell everything under the sun: different strains, concentrates, oils, edibles, and even lip balms! Ther's something for every marijuana lover at these Toronto dispensaries. Make sure you bring your buds with you!

Canna Clinic Medicinal Society, Multiple Locations 

Known as Canada's leading provider of medical cannabis products and accessories with 13 locations across Canada and 7 locations in Toronto! That's right, there are 7 locations in Toronto to go to. With daily deals and happy hour every day from 5-7pm you are for sure to find an amazing deal here! They offer smoke-free forms of medical cannabis such as ingestible tablets, extracts, edible oils and butters, suppositories, oils for vaporizers and topical products.

Canna Connoisseurs,  17 Church Street

Canna Connoisseurs goal is to represent the most desired strains from around the world. Also selling pre-rolls, concentrates, oils, and creams, Canna Connoisseurs is a one stop shop for it all!

WeLeaf, 5 Bruyeres Mews 

Conveniently located in Toronto’s downtown core. They serve patients all across the GTA. WeLeaf are also known for being Toronto’s premier ‘Cannabis Delivery Service. Open 7 days a week, making it easy to swing by at any time.

MMJ Canada, Multiple Locations

MMJ Canada receives new products on a very frequent basis. They make it their duty to ensure that popular strains are restocked often, and always make sure to keep a diverse variety of strains to meet all purposes. They started off in Vancouver and have since opened up different shops in Ontario at two different locations on Cummerland St. and Bloor St.

The Green Buddha, 792 College Street

Green Buddha Compassion Society carries a wide range of flowers, edibles, concentrates, tinctures & many more products. The Green Buddha is a nonprofit collective. All of their products are lab-tested to ensure quality control. The Green Buddha has a wide variety of affordable to high-end products to make it easily accessible for all people.

Eden, Multiple Locations

Eden was the first organization in Canada to pass the Canadian Association of Medical Cannabis Dispensaries’ (CAMCD) rigorous accreditation program and gain industry certification. With two locations in Toronto, they provide a wide variety of different strains and cannabis products. Eden is known for their wonderful staff members who create a safe and friendly environment for all.

Zen Zoo, 480 Queen St. West

As Big Sean would say, "I just ate an edible, edible, swear to god I feel incredible." Head over to Zen Zoo, they have a wide selection of edibles along with different strains of marijuana. Located in the heart of Downtown Toronto and are known for their upscale, modern, hip, classy atmosphere.

The Toronto Dispensary, 1334 Queen St W

The Toronto Dispensary is perfect for first-time buyers. They provide a welcoming and safe environment for all their customers. Their goal is to deliver the highest quality of medical cannabis to qualifying patients at the best possible price. You can order online now, too.

Cloud 6ix, 331 Spadina Ave

If you're broke and in need of a fix, head over to Cloud 6ix! With daily deals such as $5 dab hits and $5 pre-rolls on Tuesdays, Cloud 6ix is the place to be. Known for their shatter and the different types of strains and selection they carry. The helpful staff working at Cloud 6ix will help you pick out what is right for you.

Mother Earth Dispensary, Multiple Location 

MED is known for their quality of products and only source the highest quality medicines from all over Canada. One of their top locations is 1506 Dundas St W in Downtown Toronto. They guarantee that all of their products are 100% organic and are grown in soil without the use of pesticides or other chemical additives.

Weed The North, Multiple Locations 

Weed The North offers free sign up for new clients. With a variety of different strains and comforting vibes from staff members, Weed The North is the perfect place for first-time buyers. They have locations in the Spadina and Eglinton areas.

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