The Ultimate Toronto Bar Crawl For Every Major Neighbourhood

Hit all the best spots in the city!
The Ultimate Toronto Bar Crawl For Every Major Neighbourhood

The number of bars in Toronto is almost unbelievable. Walk down any street in the city and you'll find at least a few different bars with a cool atmosphere and great drink prices. What I'm trying to say is that bars in Toronto are not hard to come by.

While hitting up one bar on a Saturday night with your friends is always a good idea, making a night of it and hopping from bar to bar is even better. This way you can experience all the best parts of different areas of the city and you also don't have to argue over which bar you'll be stuck at this night. 

Going on a bar crawl in Toronto gives you tons of freedom and also it's so much more fun! Below you'll find four major neighbourhoods in the city that have an amazing selection of bars. Choose one of the neighbourhoods below to go on a bar crawl adventure! We also included a late night eats spot in each area so that you know where to get the best munchies at the end of your big night out, you're welcome! 

Neighbourhoods we'll cover:

Dundas WestRiversideBloordale VillageLittle Italy

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Dundas West

Start at ...

Communist's Daughter

This quirky little spot is a classic watering hole in the area. It's one of the first hip bars to pop up in the Dundas West area and it hasn't gone anywhere since. They feature live music on the weekends, good drinks at great prices, and snacks for the table! This is a great place to start off your bar crawl.

Head over to ...

Mahjong Bar

Next up is the super classy Hong Kong-style bar hidden behind an unassuming convenience storefront! If you pass through the convenience store you'll find a key-shaped doorway that will lead you into the bar area. You can grab a table, enjoy some Chinese fusion eats, and obviously amazing cocktails! This is the spot where you'll start kicking your night up a notch.

Grab last call at ...

Black Dice Cafe 

This totally weird and unique spot is a Japanese biker themed bar! Have you ever heard of a place like that? They offer a huge menu of Japanese beers, sake, and cocktails with rockabilly decor and even a vintage jukebox! Finish your night off here and you'll be heading home happy and satisfied from this unreal night. 

... and grab late-night eats at ...

Lakeview Restaurant 

You know we couldn't finish off a bar crawl without including a late night eats spot right? In the Dundas West area, the ultimate spot to finish off your night is the Lakeview Restaurant. This diner is open 24 hours a day, every day so you don't have to worry about showing up to closed doors. They'll welcome you in and serve you the best comfort food you've ever had, guaranteed.


Start at...

The Broadview Hotel

The east end is teeming with bars including the newly openedBroadview Hotel. They have a bar on the main floor and on their upper-level rooftop area that offers unreal views of the city! This is a great spot to start off your crawl in the Riverside area where you can casually grab some cocktails and sharing plates with the group. 

Head over to...

I'll Be Seeing You... 

This is definitely one of my favourite bars in the east end. It's run by two sisters and the decor is totally quirky and fun filled with neon signs and jokes in the bathrooms. You can get amazing cocktails for good prices as well as delicious food to continue fueling up for the night! They also always play great music and usually a Netflix movie on the TV. 

Grab last call at...

Brickworks Ciderhouse 

If you're a lover of cider then Brickworks Ciderhouse is where you need to be this weekend. Here you'll find a huge selection of homemade ciders all created in-house with unique and exciting flavours to try every week. They also have a full menu of delicious food to try. We recommend the cider flight that allows you to try 5 different ciders of your choice! 

...and grab late-night eats at...

Leslieville Pumps

In this area, there really isn't a lot of option for late night eats but the Leslieville Pumps is good enough! Their kitchen closes at 9:30 p.m. but they offer some foods until they sell out including butter chicken and rice. Plus they have a full convenience store full of snacks to stock up on as well. 

Bloordale Village

Start at...

The 3 Speed

This spot has everything you could want in a casual bar to start off your crawl in the Bloordale Village. They have an adorable patio with a fireplace you can drink on during those not-so-chilly nights but their indoors is also a great time. You can get all kinds of good pub food here, tons of microbrews, and yummy cocktails to kick off your night. 

Head over to...

Bar Neon

Bar Neon is a Greek-inspired bar with amazing snacks to go along perfectly with your drinks. You can order a massive plate of oysters, pita and dips, and so much more. They have a big, sunny back patio for the warmer months and a spacious indoors during the cooler months. This makes for a perfect second stop on your Bloordale Village bar tour. 

Grab last call at...

Civil Liberties

Civil Liberties is a speakeasy that specializes in creating unique cocktails. It's got a Prohibition-era vibe to it that will make you feel extra classy when you drink that they'll make to order. Tell the bartender you want something sweet and they'll whip something up you've never even heard of before! There's a large piano for anyone who wants to play and silent movies are screened on the walls — you can't get more unique than this spot!

...and grab late-night eats at...

The 47 

What could be better for late night eats after the bars than gnocchi and more drinks? Nothing, that's what. They're open until 2 a.m. every day except for Sundays and you can enjoy your classy meal with one last cocktail before you head home and crash for the night. 

Little Italy 

Start at...

Track & Field 

Enjoy drinks and games at this fun Little Italy bar! They have two different games — bocce ball and shuffleboard, right there in the bar making it the perfect spot to start your bar crawl off on the right foot. Most lanes are saved for reservations so if you can, try to make one. But if you can't, they always have one lane of each game just for walk-ins as well!

Head over to...

Pray Tell

Pray Tell is has a beautiful interior that's just teeming with plants as you can see in the picture above. They're most loved for their delicious brunch menu, but you can also come here during the evenings when they transfer over into a bar serving up specialty cocktails! They're only open during the evenings from Wednesday to Saturday and they close at midnight so it's a great option for a middle stop on your bar crawl. 

Grab last call at...


Nightowl is more of a club than a bar I would say but it's super fun none-the-less. It's got arcade games, food, drinks, music and tons of dancing! If you want to release some of that pent-up energy over the weekend, this is a great place to come and dance your worries away with your group of friends. 

...and grab late-night eats at...

Sneaky Dee's

Sneaky Dee's is known for their infamous dance parties in their upstairs club but they also have a restaurant and bar downstairs that's perfect for your end of night munchies. The best thing on the menu is definitely the nachos that come with all kinds of crazy toppings piled with on tortilla chips and slathered in cheese! 

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