The Ultimate Toronto Christmas Foods Perfect For Your Instagram

Perfect for your stomach AND feed! 😛 📷
The Ultimate Toronto Christmas Foods Perfect For Your Instagram

Christmas SZN is officially here, and if you are a holiday lover like me, there is a ton to be excited about. From markets, festivals and other events, there is no shortage of things to do this holiday season. Though, if you are Christmas obsessed and a foodie, this is definitely the list for you.

Tons of Toronto spots offer holiday exclusive menu items in celebration of the holiday season. Whether it's sweet or savoury, you are guaranteed to find something that will impress even the pickiest of eaters. Not only will these foods satisfy your stomach, but they'll fit perfectly with your Instagram food, so what are you waiting for?!

Christmas Chimney Stack // Eva's Chimney Stacks

The iconic chimney stacks have taken the Toronto foodie scene by storm these past few years, as not only are delicious but they definitely make for the perfect muse! During the Christmas season, they open pop-ups at Distillery's Christmas Market as well as the annual Fair In The Square where you can grab holiday season exclusive versions of the iconic dessert!

Cake batter hot chocolate // Sweet Jesus

Sweet Jesus is always a sure bet when it comes to Toronto food spots putting out holiday specials perfect for the Christmas season. Apart from their dark chocolate hot chocolate they also offer a cake batter hot chocolate that practically screams Christmas!

Red velvet ice cream // Sweet Olenka's

Thankfully these picks from Sweet Olenka's are available year round, but their red and white accents definitely have a festive tone to them when the snow starts to fall. From red velvet to raspberry white chocolate, you won't even think twice about buying the chilly desserts even if it's cold outside!

Christmas burger // The Ace

While this dish may not be as aesthetically pleasing as the rest, it definitely is just as delicious. This holiday burger offered at The Ace consists of a burger that is packed with Christmas stuffing- Christmas dinner in burger form? What more could you and your stomach ask for!

Spiced egg nog donut // Glory Hole Donuts

Glory Hole is known for hosting not only delicious donuts but some pretty attractive ones at that. I don't know a single person who has gone to the spot and hasn't snapped at least one picture of their purchase! With that in mind, their seasonal spiced egg nog donut is no different from their lineup, it's just as delicious as it looks and always camera ready!

Gingerbread latte // Starbucks

The holiday cups at Starbucks are back! The iconic cups and their seasonal drinks that fill them (from peppermint mocha to the gingerbread latte) are crazy popular amongst Torontonians considering not only are they delicious but super accessible with a Starbucks guaranteed on almost every street corner in the city!

TBA // Peace Treats

While Peace Treats hasn't been around long enough to have a holiday season under their belt, we can't help but expect they will be pulling all the stops to impress holiday lovers this season! From their Canada Day, Halloween and Breast Cancer Awareness Month specials, it's clear that they definitely will be going big for Chrismas as well so keep your eyes peeled!

Eggnog donuts and gingerbread men // The Rolling Pin

The Rolling Pin is a great place to go for any and all cravings you've got from donuts to other sweets. During the Christmas season, they bring out delicious egg-nog donuts and homemade gingerbread men in the spirit of the season!

Santa Hat wearing Rapper cookies // Bake Shoppe

The Bake Shoppe has become well known for their baked goods that feature rappers etched onto the faces of them. In the spirit of Christmas, the spot continues to pump out their iconic cookies but with a holiday twist, each rapper gets a Christmas hat!

Peppermint mocha // Tim Hortons

Of course, we couldn't forget Tim Hortons! The chain offers Christmas drinks like pepper mocha as well as candy-cane and white hot chocolate that make it impossible to resist the spot. Plus, with their iconic holiday cups, they make for the perfect muse for your next IG post!

Gingerbread and lemon cupcake // Kelly's Bake Shoppe

Kelly's Bake Shoppe is home to a ton of unique creations from cupcakes to cookie sammies! Though during the Christmas season, they go all out with their creations. From candy cane donuts to gingerbread and lemon cupcakes, you are guaranteed to be making several stops at this spot throughout the holiday season!