19 Mini Egg Desserts You Need To Try This Spring In Toronto

These look 'egg'ceptionally good.
19 Mini Egg Desserts You Need To Try This Spring In Toronto

You may not know this yet but Toronto bakeshops, chocolatiers and ice cream shops go all out for the Easter season. It's the perfect time to add mini eggs into their recipes, make egg shaped desserts and get extra creative! 

There's almost an unlimited amount of insane Toronto desserts that are available for a limited time only during the Easter season! You can't get these desserts any other time during the year so now's your opportunity to get out there and try them all before Easter's over. 

Not only are these desserts delicious but they're also so creative and out there that they'll love perfect on your Instagram feed! 

Mini Egg Stuffed Cookies // Cookie Scoop 

The Cookie Scoop makes some seriously delicious cookies but their best seller of the entire year are these cookies stuffed with mini eggs! They've already started selling them and they'll continue selling them for as long as they can because they're the most delicious looking cookies we've ever seen.

Egg-Stravaganza Cone // Eva's Original Chimneys

If you haven't tried one of Eva's donut ice cream cones, or chimneys, you absolutely have to try one now. They're offering a limited edition Egg-Stravaganza cone topped with mini eggs because tis' the season! 

Mini Egg Stuffed Scones // Baker and Scone 

Baker and Scone is located in the west end of Toronto and they specialize in all things scone! Their scone menu is extensive and insanely delicious but the best scone on the menu right now is clearly these mini egg stuffed scones! It's perfect for your Easter brunch with the whole family.

Mini Egg Ruffle Marshmallow Squares // Bake Shoppe 

Bake Shoppe has got specialty desserts locked down in Toronto. They make faithfully delicious desserts that their brand was built on like their homemade pop tarts, sprinkle covered cakes and these ruffle marshmallow treats! To make them special to Easter they've added crushed mini eggs into the mix to make it an even sweeter, more decadent dessert.

Mini Egg Cookie Sandwiches // Short & Sweet Bakeshop 

The Short & Sweet Bakeshop just opened up their second location in the city and they're serving up some insane Easter desserts for you to try! This one is one of their famous cookie sandwiches stuffed with icing and mini eggs for the season! It's the perfect sweet treat for this festive season.

Mini Egg Custard Croissants // The Rolling Pin

The Rolling Pin knows good desserts and knows how to do them right. They have an extensive special Easter menu for us this year and one of the best on the list are these custard stuffed croissants that are dipped in chocolate and topped with mini eggs! It can't get much better than that. 

Mini Egg Cookiecake // Cookie Scoop 

The Cookie Scoop doesn't just make your regular old cookies, they also specialize in these insane cookie cakes! If you're thinking of treating a loved one this Easter season (or yourself) you should definitely consider a massive cookie cake topped with mini eggs! 

Sunny Side Up Easter Eggs // David Chow

David Chow is an insanely talented chocolatier! Though he doesn't have a location in Toronto you can find his brilliant Easter creations, the 'Sunny Side Up Easter Eggs' at a couple chocolate shops across the GTA. Check out Stasis Preserves and Pusateri's in the next couple weeks to get yours! 

Colourful Easter Eggs // Delysées Luxury Sweet Boutique

This gorgeous bakery and sweet shop in Toronto makes incredibly artistic desserts that are almost too pretty to eat! Soon they'll be releasing their line of stunning easter eggs in all different colours. They just released a sneak peak on their Instagram of what's to come. 

Mini Egg Macarons // AG Macarons 

If you're looking for an innovative and delicious macaron shop in Toronto, this is definitely it. They're serving up a special Easter macron that's modelled after mini eggs! These delicious mini egg macarons are already available in their store. 

Mini Egg Cheesecake // The Rolling Pin 

Another insane Easter creation from The Rolling Pin bakeshop! They're making mini egg cheesecake that looks so drool-worthy. You can either purchase a slice at the shop or an entire pie and treat the whole family to an amazing dessert.

Bunny Cake // Le Dolci 

This bakery in Toronto makes flawless cakes that are perfect for any special occasion. They're making a few different cakes that are special for this Easter season! One is this adorable bunny cake above but they're also making a carrot bunch cake, robins egg cake, chickadee cake, mini easter cakes and more! 

Mini Egg Monster Bar // Short & Sweet Bakeshop

Short & Sweet Bakeshop is known for their super delicious monster bars. They're made with a whole lot of layers of a whole lot of delicious stuff that you've just got to taste yourself. They're topping their monster bars with mini eggs to make them that much more Easter themed! 

Mini Peep Scones // Baker and Scone 

Baker and Scone offers some seriously delicious scone flavours but this one is super unique to the Easter season! It's a lemon meringue pie scone topped with marshmallow mini peeps, how cute is that? 

Mini Egg Brownies // The Rolling Pin 

The Rolling Pin bakeshop clearly knows what they're doing this Easter because their dessert lineup looks insane! You've absolutely got to come here and try their super decadent and rich mini egg topped brownies! They're available right now, everyday at this amazing bakery.

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Mini Egg Milkshake In A Chocolate Bunny // Hollywood Cone 

Last year the milkshake shop, Hollywood Cone, that's known for their insane milkshakes made a few special treats for Easter. The most impressive was this mini egg milkshake served inside a hollow chocolate bunny! We don't know for sure if they're bringing this exact treat back this year but we hope they do! 

Mini Egg Cupcakes // The Rolling Pin 

Okay, last one from The Rolling Pin bakeshop, I promise! The Rolling Pin has an insanely impressive Easter lineup for us this year and I couldn't leave any of them out for you. If you're a cupcake lover, these mini egg cupcakes will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth. 

Easter Hunt Tart // Butter Avenue 

Butter Avenue is an amazing bakery that serves specialty desserts that are almost too pretty to eat! This Easter they're bringing back their 'Easter Hunt' tart that's made with a hazelnut creme and topped with a chocolate egg and macarons! 

Mini Egg Latte // San Remo Baker & Cafe 

Sanremo Bakery & Cafe makes some insane dessert creations as well as delicious coffees. Last year around Easter they offered an extensive menu of mini egg-featured desserts and we don't doubt they'll be back again this year! We hope they'll bring back this mini egg latte because it looks amazing!

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