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The Ultimate Toronto Girl Instagram Bucket List Of 20 Amazing Spots

How many of these pics do you have on your feed?
The Ultimate Toronto Girl Instagram Bucket List Of 20 Amazing Spots

If you're a Toronto girl living the city dream, odds are you have a pretty stellar Instagram (or you're at least working on your aesthetic game). Living in Toronto is totally inspiring and honestly an amazing time with plenty of photo opportunities. 

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We've compiled the ultimate bucket list of places in Toronto you need to have on your Instagram. If you don't, can you really call yourself a Toronto girl? Look below to see how many of these places are on your 'gram, and how many you still need: 

via @mariahdontcareyy

1. Thompson Hotel // 550 Wellington St W

#VIEWS #RooftopLife #Sixside

via @theporchto

2. Porch Rooftop Patio // 250 Adelaide St W

#VIEWS (again).

via @daryamareeva

3. Riverdale Park East // 550 Broadview Ave

Home is Toronto! (Bonus points if you get a pic while the sun is setting).

via @kavlarabie

4. Frings // 455 King St W

#6onaWave. Hashtag Drake is life!

via @clinthoobastank

5. Toronto Sign at Nathan Phillips Square // 100 Queen St W

Everyone who visits Toronto should have this one.

via @lily_franklin

6. Graffiti Alley // 513 Queen St W

#Edgy #Urban. Killer outfit recommended.

via @tamaramason

7. Raptors game // 40 Bay St

#RTZ #WETHENOTH. Even if you don't watch basketball, this is a must.

via @xiaoeats

8. Ricarda's // 134 Peter St

#OnSundaysWeBrunch. Because you're not a Toronto girl if you don't like brunch.

via @nyla_flower

9. St Lawrence Market // 93 Front St E

#WeekendThings #ThriftLife. I support local!

via @neyathaker

10. Harbourfront // Queen's Quay W 

#Waterfront #CanoeLife. We have a city AND a lake.

via @justinegallice

11. CN Tower 360 Restaurant // 301 Front St W

#SIXSIDE #VIEWS #SIX #TORONTO. Any of these hashtags will do. It's a classic.

via @vivreavecstyle

12. Peace Collective // 131 Ossington Ave

#TorotovsEveryone #HomeisToronto. You have to own a piece of their apparel and take a pic in their aesthetic store.

via @hopemcclearyy

13. High Rise Condo Balcony // Multiple Locations

#BirthdayGirl #NightOut. Grab your girls and pose on a balcony with the Toronto lights behind you.

via @meaghangreenwood

14. Warehouse // 232 Queen St W

#$5FoodIsARealThing #Blessed. Totally cool atmosphere!

via @ingridzhao

15. Kensington Market // Augusta Ave

#Hipster #PedestrianSunday. Show the Toronto mans you're also 'chill'.

via @niamhagrams

16. Art Gallery of Ontario // 317 Dundas St W

#CULTURE #Migos #Art. Cause you're cultured, and the people must know.

via @tayholden

17. The Exhibition Place // 100 Princes' Blvd

#LetsGoToTheEx #Summer. A must with your bestie or significant other.

via @christinacicionephotography

18. Trinity Bellwoods Park // 790 Queen St W

#BellwoodsLiving. Just a candid photo of me in the grass smiling, what else is new.

via @minidiamondblog

19. Sugar Beach // 11 Dockside Dr

#Sugar #Beach #SummerTimeFine. The pink umbrellas are good for the feed, and the soul.

via @sweetjesus

20. Sweet Jesus // 106 John St

#IceCream #SweetJesusIShouldHitTheGym. Sacrifice your health for the Insta.

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