The Ultimate Toronto IG Worthy Food Bucketlist

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The Ultimate Toronto IG Worthy Food Bucketlist

Toronto is home to some pretty crazy foods and this past year especially there has been a massive surge in the amount of gram' worthy meals you can grab throughout the city. Whether it's cookie dough in a cup, sushi burritos or deep-fried anything, it's safe to say that any viral food across the world eventually ends up in the city and ready for you to try! 

So if you are on the hunt for the prettiest foods that also happen to taste incredible, look no further than this list of the best meals you can grab in Toronto! From savoury to sweet we've got it all, just make sure to bring your camera and an empty stomach! 

Lamanna's Bakery // 6758 Kingston Rd 

This massive new addition to the Toronto foodie scene that happens to be the biggest pizza slice in Toronto is hot off the presses considering it was just announced this past weekend! It definitely is not for the faint of heart, but if you are a serious lover of pizza, I would look no farther than this bakery! 

Lisa Marie // 638 Queen St W 

Red velvet pancakes are so last year. If you are looking for a new way to get diabetes enjoy your pancakes, head over to Lisa Marie to get them smothered in Reese cups and melted peanut butter! 

Cheese Garden // 5291 Yonge St 

This new version of tiramisu has hit the Toronto foodie scene hard, it's literally all I have seen on my IG feed these past few weeks. If you were obsessed with the matcha craze last year, look forward to extending your obsession past just your Starbucks order to your desserts now too! 

Monga // 692 Yonge St  

Who doesn't love fried chicken?! Pair perfectly cooked Korean fried chicken with the perfect spicy seasoning and an aesthetically pleasing wrapper and you've got yourself a meal that's pleasing to your stomach and your camera lens! 

Pokito // 420 Queen St W

Poké bowls have been all the range considering the meal is pretty healthy in comparison to other foods that have gone viral in Canada. So if you want to test out the foodie scene but are also not looking 

Good Catch Boil House // 179 Enterprise Blvd 

Oysters definitely became a popular dish earlier than this year but they've maintained their popularity for good reason. They're delicious and don't make you feel as though you are carrying a 5-month-old baby after you finish your meal. Good Catch Boil House offers some of the freshest oysters in the city, so get to shucking! 

Starving Artist // 1078 St. Clair Ave W 

Brunch is a universally loved occasion, especially in a city where there are so many adorable places to grab it. Though, Starving Artist definitely holds a special place in many Toronto foodies' hearts considering that not only do they have a wide array of offerings that are all delicious, but they photograph like a dream! 

Bobbie Sue's Mac and Cheese // 162 Ossington Ave 

After trying Bobbie Sue's you will never subject yourself to Kraft Dinner ever again, I can promise you that. At this spot they offer a ton of different mac and cheese combos you couldn't have thought of yourself, but you'll definitely be glad they did! 

Origination Noodle House // 633 Silver St Blvd

With colder weather here to stay for the next few months, it's time to start checking out all of the pho and noodle houses the city has to offer. Seriously though, what is better than coming in from the chilly weather to enjoy a hot bowl of noodles? Absolutely nothing (imo)- but if you are looking for one of the best spots in the city, you've got to check out Origination Noodle House. 

Mildred's Temple Kitchen // 85 Hannah Ave 

I couldn't talk about Insta-worthy foods without mentioning the iconic Blueberry Hill pancakes from none other than Mildred's Temple Kitchen! These pancakes are incredible for both the mouth and eyes, it's the perfect place to stop by on a weekend!

Double D's // 1020 Gerrard St E 

You don't have to travel to Chicago to try out some amazing deep dish pizza. At either of Double D's two locations, you can grab incredible deep dish pizza that will most likely leave you in a food coma. One of the best parts about this spot is that they do not cheap out on the toppings or the cheese, plus with the tomato sauce being absolute class, it's a no-brainer that you've got to eat here!

The Fix // 207 Queens Quay 

Just because it's getting colder doesn't mean you have to give up on ice cream for the next few months. The Fix has got a great new flavour to ring in the Fall season and please the inner basic in you. 

Momo San // 26 Baldwin St 

I mean the picture speaks for itself, this Momo Tart from Momo San is a piece of art in itself and would surely please even the pickiest of foodies. Thankfully, the dish tastes as delicious as it looks, though it'll probably hurt a bit to destroy something so beautiful when you go to eat it! 

La Carnita // 501 College St 

Tacos will never not be on an IG worthy bucket list because let's be real, even the ugliest taco is beautiful in taco-lovers' eyes. Though, these ones from La Carnita are definitely little pieces of art considering all of the colours and flavours you get to enjoy all in one bite! Pair your tacos with some corn on the cob and you've got yourself a delicious meal! 

Bar Reyna // 158 Cumberland St 

Potato lovers unite! These Chorizo fries from Bar Reyna are out of bounds. From the crispy fries that act as the base for a Chorizo topping to the amount you get with your order, this meal will definitely please anyone who is obsessed with french fries but wants to venture away from poutines for a bit. 

Descendant Detroit Style Pizza // 1168 Queen St E 

We talked about Chicago deep dish pizza but who could forget Detroit styled pizza?! While this style of pizza definitely is not as well known as Chicago's, it's just as delicious if not more so if you aren't a fan of deep dish! 

The Rolling Pin // 1970 Avenue Rd 

It's about time to slide something sweet into this list and there wouldn't be anything better to suggest than the Nutella smores bar from The Rolling Pin! While The Rolling Pin serves up tons of other options that are just as incredible, this dish holds a special place in my heart considering it features Nutella! 

SU&BU // 106 John St 

If you thought avocado toast couldn't get any better, you thought very wrong. SU&BU has been the brain behind the sushi burger but are now moving on to pairing your two favourite things, sushi and avocado toast, to make for the perfect meal! 

La Palma // 849 Dundas St W 

La Palma has gotten a ton of attention for their gorgeous interior design but the hype definitely does not stop there. If there is one food from this spot you need to try it is definitely the 100 layer lasagna. Considering it not only is delicious but presumably the apple to any Italian food lover's eye!

Ihalo Krunch // 915 Queen St W 

Just because Halloween is over doesn't mean the spooky festivities need to end! If you love trendy foods and ice cream, look no further than a hybrid of the two at Ihalo Krunch! They serve up the ever so popular charcoal ice cream that will please yoru carvings and your camera! 

The Dirty Bird // 79 Kensington Ave 

Chicken and waffles are something that every foodie needs to try at least once in their life. If you haven't already and are living in the city, look no further than The Dirty Bird in Kensington. They serve up some incredible fried chicken to top an always fluffy waffle before you drench it in maple syrup!

Calii Love // 367 King St W 

Calii Love has blown up this past Summer for multiple reasons apart for the general acai bowl craze that has taken over the nation. Not only do they have an adorable graffiti wall at the side of their location for you to snap a pic at as well as an adorably design interior, but their bowls are fresh and delicious! 

Rudy // 619 College St 

If you are looking for a staple poutine then definitely check out Rudy. While the spot is primarily known for their burgers that pay some serious resemble to the forbidden meal Canada just can't seem to get their hands on that is In-N-Out, their poutine is a feature that is seriously underrated!

Kupfert and Kim // 140 Spadina Ave 

Whether you are vegetarian or not, Kupfert in Kim is a healthy join that is the perfect place to check out! Their food bowls and dressings are incredible and gorgeous, and with them being so healthy you won't feel any regret after heading to this spot! 

Fat Pasha // 414 Dupont St 

Clad with country-chic decor and Middle Eastern as well as Jewish inspired dishes, Fat Pasha is an absolute must visit. Though if you do visit you should definitely try the Salatim dish considering that it tastes just as delicious as it looks! 

Roselle // 362 King St E 

Ice cream lovers know no weather boundaries when it comes to satisfying their craving for the creamy dessert, and luckily for Toronto ice cream lovers, Roselle is around! Not only is their Earl Grey soft serve a unique and delicious flavour, but the teeny topping dots and cup packaging make for the perfect muse for your next IG pic! 

Sushi Kizoku // 813 St. Clair Ave W 

More gorgeous sushi towers because why not! There is just something about sushi that caters to everybody's aesthetic and stomach, so if you are looking for yet another sushi spot to visit, add Sushi Kizoku to your list! 

Simit and Chai company // 787 King St W 

Smoked salmon bagels have always been a fan favourite for not only how great they taste but also how good they look. Though if you are looking for the prettiest smoked salmon bagel in Toronto, look no further than Simit and Chai!

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