Instagram has become a massive pass time for a lot of people. Whether you are a foodie, an OOTD'er or just a lover of aesthetic in general, you are probably well versed with the Toronto Instagram community. Though, if you and your bae both love Instagram and are looking for some date and activity ideas that aren't only just fun and fulfilling but also allow for a great photo opportunity, look no further! From dinner and bars to the perfect spot to get an OOTD pic or a basic candid, these spots are guaranteed to impressive not only you but also your partner! 

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Miss Thing's // 1279 Queen St W 

If you haven't taken a photo inside been to Miss Thing's, this is a place you need to visit. They host some of the cutest and most eccentric pieces a restaurant could ever own! From their floral chairs and paneled walls to their pineapple bowls both your eyes and stomach will be fulfilled if you choose this spot for a date night!

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Bar Reyna // 158 Cumberland St 

Bar Reyna is a great spot to visit if you are in the Yorkville area and are not ready to accept that patio SZN is ending. With their adorable patio, you can forget that the temperature is dropping by taking in the Summer-y ambiance while enjoying some delicious food with you bae!

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Piano Piano // 88 Harbord St 

Piano Piano is just as stunning on the interior as it is on the exterior, but that doesn't mean you should snap a quick #OOTD of your bae before you go inside and enjoy the great food! From pasta to pizza you can grab some authentic and delicious eats that are perfect for your next night out with your partner.

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Figo // 295 Adelaide St W 

Figo is the perfect spot for couple's who are obsessed with maintaining a clean white and minimalistic feed. This spot is filled with crisp white and clean lines, but their food is another story. You've got tons of colorful and delicious options from fresh mussels to pizza- as well as a great brunch menu as well! So whether you are snapping a brunch pic or grabbing some 'za, Figo is a must-visit!

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Smith Restaurant + Bar // 553 Church St 

This spot screams New York like no other hole in the wall in the city ever good! The rustic vibe from wood tables to the dangling industrial lights will make for the perfect addition to your Instagram feed. Plus the spot offers breakfast and brunch as well as dinner, so you are able to visit whenever you want for whatever meal you'd like!

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Libertine Toronto // 1307 Dundas St W 

Libertine Toronto serves some low key house party vibes with a vintage aesthetic. So if you and your partner want a low key night out but still want to visit a spot that isn't super dingey this is definitely the place to go. Plus their booths are loaded with incredible bottle service options from quirky drinks to snacks dunkin donuts and flamin hot cheetos!

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Apt 200 // 1034 Queen St W 

If you are into the house-party vibe but want to visit a more dynamic spot, Apt 200 is a great place to visit. The mid-century vibe of the spot will please any Instsa-lover and there are a ton of opportunities (and props) to take some Insta pics of your #OOTN. Plus there's pool- who doesn't love pool?!

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Locals Only // 589 King St W

Locals Only is a great place to visit for their bathrooms if you are looking for a great place to grab some drinks. From drinks to oysters you are guaranteed a great time at this spot but definitely, make sure to take a trip to the bathroom to grab a pic before you leave!

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Carbon Bar // 99 Queen St E

There are two things every Insta-couple needs in their lives when it comes to an insta-worthy resto, and those two things are neon signs and exposed brick. Lucky for both you and your bae, you can find both at Carbon Bar. Between the white exposed brick and the matched neon LED sign, you won't be sorry you choose this place for dinner and drinks.

Addison's Residence // 456 Wellington St W

Anything and everything tropical is insta-worthy these days, and Addison's Residence is no exception. The spot is filled with tropical prints and a retro atmosphere that makes for a great place to get drunk and get a good snap for the 'gram!

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OOTD Spots 

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Graffiti Alley 

Of-course I had to mention Graffiti Alley. It may be a little basic but it's popular for good reason! Seriously, if you and your partner are stumped on the perfect place to take a pic of your outfits, just head over to Graffiti Alley- it's a foolproof location.

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Sugar Beach 

Sugar Beach isn't just a great place to have a cute date in general, but it's also a great place to snap a pic. Whether it's a shot showing off your latest 'kini purchase or you are pulling up in definitely-not-beach-appropriate-clothing to take advantage of the pastel backdrop, it's definitely an insta-worthy spot!

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Chinatown in general is a great place for photography, but especially for candids. Whether it's an off the wall pic or a candid of you in action, Chinatown's vibrant backdrop of neon lights and bright signs make for the perfect background whether it's day or night!

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The Cameron House // 408 Queen St W 

The Cameron House hosts one of the most notable wall murals Toronto has the offer, and it's pretty obvious why. The vibrant colours make for a great picture of the wall by itself, but of course, it also makes for a great backdrop for a candid of you and your bae!

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All of these other murals around the city. 

The Cameron House isn't the only wall in the city that is insta-worthy on its own, let alone if you and your partner include yourselves in it! Make a day date out of it by exploring all of the other notable murals you can find around the city.