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The Unique Gifts To Up Your Boyfriend's Style Game This Holiday

We got your boy covered from head to toe. Literally.
The Unique Gifts To Up Your Boyfriend's Style Game This Holiday

As a general rule, Toronto men have good manners and good style.

That being said, boys can be hard to shop for - you want to buy them something to upgrade their style while still respecting their personality to ensure that they will actually wear the shirt or hat that you got them.

Well good news, we just discovered a new local brand that has something for your man, whatever his style may be. That's right, Gentlemen of the North (GOTN) is a Toronto-based brand that offers just the perfect gifts to accessorize your boyfriend.

Let’s get started with their line of tuques; these are obviously not just for the men in our lives because they are so classic and Canadian, they could be worn by everyone, from you to your grandma. The tuques are made from super warm and itch-free sheep wool (and acrylic, so they stay on snug).

A perfect opportunity to squeeze in the (temporarily) sold out Heritage Snapback. So simple, so sleek, so sold out (*continuously refreshes page*). 

Moving down the body to T-shirts and sweatshirts - GOTN has cuddly hoodies and cotton Ts, staples in every Canadian's wardrobe. 

Then things get fancy with GOTN’s fashion-forward Wooden Tie Clip and Lapel Flowers. Both of these accessories are trendy and sleek, and there is less of a chance that they will be permanently borrowed by the man's female crew. Not only that, but they will elevate his style to new heights and turn him into more of a gentleman. 

Now let’s talk socks. Yep, socks are a staple in a man's wardrobe, since they allow a spark of colour and fantasy in menswear, while still being a necessary item of clothing. 

GOTN has trendy, comfortable, and durable socks in many fun patterns. These socks make the perfect “one-size-fits-all” gift, especially the one that keeps on giving: GOTN’s Sock of the Month Club, available here

Those socks are professional yet fun, on top of being affordable! You read that right, the socks come at $11,95 per month, and the first month is free! With a minimum of a three-month subscription, it is the right way to ensure that your man has gorgeous socks instead of basic boring ones all year.

The socks have a sense of humour too! On the sole is written the inscription ''Soul of the North'', a pun to remind your boyfriend to stay grounded while keeping the fun in the everyday!

And if you choose to subscribe a special someone to the service, GOTN will give your first month FREE with discount code GENTBOX.

With such a wide offering of casual and chic clothing, GOTN is sure to have something to please the men in your life.

For more information on the brand, check out its website, its Instagram, its Facebook and its Twitter.