When one thinks about a healthy diet it is no surprise that sugary treats are not the first thing that comes to mind. Most people easily think of a balanced diet, full of fruits, vegetables, healthy proteins, and unprocessed garbage. 

It can be incredibly difficult and time consuming to follow a healthy diet for some people. With summertime being here and many feeling the pressure to have a perfect body, we have some good news for those who like to indulge in some sweet baked goods once in a while. 

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According to a recent study by the University of British Columbia, calories from sugar can be burned off in part of the baking process. This means that sugary treats are being labelled incorrectly because they are counting calories of total ingredients, instead of looking at what is lost through the baking process. 

The theory was put to the test when baking a cake using invert sugar (sugar syrup) versus sucrose (table sugar). The researchers found a 20% sugar loss with invert sugar, while only a five to eight per cent sugar loss. 

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When it comes to the caloric content of the baked goods, the inverted sugar decreased the caloric value by 36% and sucrose decreased by 12%.  This is because sugar is very reactive when it gets heated, so the reaction can decreases the calories associated with the sugar. 

UBC Professor David Kitts explained that this was information, the way this reaction can relate to caloric information is something few have ever tried to study. "We just want people to be aware of the fact that calories can be lost during processing and that's not necessarily identified on the food label because the food label is what's in the formulation," he said to CBC.

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Obviously consuming too much sugar is still going to have negative effects on someone, so this doesn't mean you can have cupcakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. But it may allow us to feel a little less guilty when indulging in dessert. Life is short after all! 

Source: CBC