The University Of Toronto Has A Bed Bug Problem Of Its Own Now

Earlier this month it came to light that there were bugs in classrooms at Ryerson University. Which is of course completely gross and disgusting for anyone who just wants to go to class and learn.  

Well now another university in Toronto as a bed bug problem. 

That's right, ANOTHER ONE!   

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Students at the University of Toronto says that there are bed bugs in the dormitories of Trinity College. 

Apparently both the students and the university have known about the bed bugs since early February.  

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The school has called pest control multiple times to try and kill all the bugs but it hasn't worked. 

Apparently some students have decided to move out of the dorm instead of waiting for the school to deal with the issue.   

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For international students or people living too far away from home to have the option of commuting each day it's a real problem.  

One has to wonder how this is happening at two different universities in the city within a month though, are the bed bugs riding the TTC from school to school!?  

Source: Toronto Star