As North America's capital of digital arts, it's no surprise that Montreal ranks 3rd for video game production and 4th as a visual arts leader in the world. After all, it's home to major studios like Ubisoft and Warner Brothers Interactive, and is responsible for some of the best titles on the market, including a plethora of up-and-coming indie developers creating the addictive games we just can't get enough of.

That's why, if you are a fan of stunning visuals and immersive experiences, Montreal's Digital Spring will blow your mind!

Currently in full swing, Digital Spring is a massive digital arts celebration that showcases local, national, and international creative projects with over 150 highly-interactive and stimulating events to choose from.

Photo cred - Centre Phi

Set to be even bigger and better than last year, this is the second edition of the event and is capitalizing on the recent surge of interest for all things digital -from video games, to music, to special effects - that we can't live without.

For the next three months, Digital Spring takes over the entire city and offers a variety of activities and events for both industry professionals and tourists alike.

Photo Cred - Sébastien Roy - Society For Arts and Technology (SAT)

Gamers especially will find lots to see and do at Digital Spring, with numerous conferences, immersive 3D experiences, and interactive workshops showing off all the latest trends and newest technologies going into video games today.

Two events that we're most looking forward to are the IGDA Demo Nights, where the city's top gaming developers will offer demos of their latest projects, and NAD's Elite Workshops that gather a variety of visual effects specialists all under one roof for a series of master classes and conferences.

Digital Spring also offers loads of other fun events, like EDM concerts, innovative exhibitions, and hypnotic performances sure to amaze and delight anyone with working eyeballs.

Digital Spring runs from March 21 - June 21 2015 in Montreal.

Check out the Digital Spring website for the complete program.