Advent calendars are freakin' sweet. We were probably first introduced to them at a young age when our mom brought home a cardboard one filled with crusty chocolate squares, but we were still super pumped about it.

While we would still be more than thrilled with such an advent calendar now, we are adults after all, and it's time for an upgrade.


Yes, this is a real thing that will be delivered right to your door. The calendar features 25 bottles of wine (WHAT?!) that will take you from December 1st to 25th, aka Christmas. If you're less ambitious, you can space out the bottles however you wish!

Best par? It supports Canadian businesses, as all the wines come from a variety of small wineries across BC.

While its comes with a hefty price tag of $850, the shipping is FREE and each bottle is actually worth about $100! And I mean treat yo self right? For more info, click HERE. Make sure to order before November 26th to ensure arrival before Dec. 1st!

And how cute is the packaging?! 

Photo- New District