Anyone who grew up in the 00's/'10's knows, remembers, and probably was one of many die-hard fans for both the Twilight and Hunger Games series. I myself spent several nights at midnight-movie premieres screeching for a young, newly muscular Taylor Lautner or sobbing at the work of the soon-to-be-mega-star Jennifer Lawrence. 

Were you Team Edward or Team Jacob? Peeta or Gale?? Did you have posters? Shirts? No?? Just me?? Anyways. 

Since The Wizarding World of Harry Potter was such a smash hit, why not combine two super franchises into a tourist attraction? It would be interesting to see what designers could whip up for the modern and insanely tense Panam or the ~*moody mystic*~ of Stephanie Meyer's Forks, Washington. 

Lionsgate plans to do just that in creating their insane new theme park in South Korea. Lionsgate Movie World will feature both settings to these famous franchises while also incorporating sets and experiences from other movies & future films to come. The whole project is set to finish in 2019 so start saving now! 

Source: Cosmopolitan