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The World's Longest Canopy Boardwalk Trail Is Located In An Ontario Forest

Our beautiful province of Ontario is chock-full of super fun adventures to go on, no matter the season. We've got everything from scenic lookout points to crazy ziplines to massive fields of sunflowers. I mean, the road trip ideas are literally endless and they're sure to keep you busy all year long. 

One exciting adventure you should add to your list this fall is the Canopy Tour at Haliburton Forest & Wildlife Reserve. It's actually the world's longest canopy walkway and it's basically like walking along a boardwalk in the treetops! 

The Canopy Tour is perched 10-20 metres above the ground and will take you on a 3.5-4 hour tour of this stunning forest landscape way up in the clouds! 

The scenic Canopy Tour starts you off with a van ride through the lush Haliburton Forest. The van will drop you off at some canoes lined up along a wilderness lake, which you'll then have to use to paddle across the lake. Once across the lake, you'll be taken on a guided tour along the rushing Pelew River Rapids. At the end of your walk, you'll reach the beginning of the boardwalk trail! 

The entire treetop boardwalk is half a kilometre long and takes you through the densest and most beautiful parts of the forest canopy. There are multiple viewing platforms located along the trail, so you can stop and enjoy the scenery and take pictures during the tour. 

If you're interested in trying out a new adventure this fall, the Canopy Tour will cost $95 for an adult ticket. This ticket also includes entrance into the Wolf Centre located inside the Haliburton Forest! 

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