It looks like the five-month strike at York University is officially over. Today, Premier Doug Ford followed through with his pre-election promise to force York U professors back to work. 

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Ford passed the legislation after proposing it only last week. The bill passed after the third reading in Queen's Park this afternoon. 

Ford government passes back to work legislation to end York University strike

July 25, 2018

In the house, Premier Doug Ford yells at York University protestor, “Your one minute’s up! You’re done!” #onpoli

July 25, 2018

What does that mean for York students? Well after this long on strike, students will be able to see their grades and communicate with their professors. They will also be able to actually go back to school in the fall, instead of spending their summer questioning their future. 

The dispute over labour conditions at York University began on March 5th of this year and has left students out of class. The school has a whopping 45,000 students that have been unsure of what the next steps were for their education because of the strike.

People are blocking an intersection of College and University to protest back-to-work legislation for striking York University faculty - Video by @carissarose13 #Toronto

July 18, 2018

There will be some difficulty though, due to 3,000 teachers and faculty walking off the job after the dispute carried on for so long. Labour Minister Laurie Scott said that it's believed this is the longest strike to ever happen at a Canadian University. 

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One issue Premier Doug Ford may face after his decision to push the back-to-work legislation is a countersuit. 

The Canadian Union of Public Employees, which represents the York University staff, would consider challenging the government if they did force them back to work. 

Our government's first piece of legislation has passed. The Urgent Priorities Act will begin restoring accountability at Hydro One, terminate an inefficient wind energy project, and put students first by ending the strike at York University. Promises made, promises kept. #onpoli

July 25, 2018

While legal situations do get messy, we're just happy that those 45,000 students will be back in the classrooms this fall. Afterall, they deserve access to the education they're paying for! 

Source: CP24