Summertime in Toronto is always busy but this weekend it will be just as wild as ever. There is so much that the city has to offer sometimes that it makes getting around absolutely impossible. 

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While last weekend the congestion in the city was due to the Caribana festival, but the August 10th to the 13th weekend in Toronto will have not just one but two festivals in the works. 

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Both the Taste of the Danforth and Feast of St. Lawrence will be taking place over the weekend and will cause some major streets to be shut down.

You will not be able to drive from Danforth Avenue between Broadview Avenue and Jones Avenue on Friday starting at 10 AM. The street will not be reopening until Monday at 4:00 AM so if you normally travel along that route, you may want to change your plans. 

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Luckily, the Feast of St. Lawrence will not be a weekend-long event but will cause shutdowns along Front Street East on Friday. Scott Street to Church Street is going to be closed as of 9:00 AM Friday and will remain closed until 2:00 AM Saturday morning. 

It's also going to be a weekend jam-packed with Blue Jay's fans, as Toronto's baseball team will play four back to back games from Thursday through Sunday. The Jays are finishing off a series with the Boston Red Sox at home tonight before heading into another weekend-long series with the Tampa Bay Rays. 

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Not only are all these events going to cause delays, regular road maintenance and construction in the city are also to be considered. Especially after the terrible flooding this week in Toronto, there may be more work to be done. 

You can check out what's happening with construction in your neighbourhood here

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Be sure to give yourself some extra wiggle room when commuting or take the TTC if possible! This weekend will be a busy one in Toronto and more people can mean a total increase in people on the roads. 

No matter what, try to remember that there are only a few weeks left of the summer sun, so don't waste this weekend sitting in traffic! 

Source: City of Toronto