Mother Nature was not messing around when she dumped a record-breaking amount of snow on Toronto last night. In fact, the weather was so bad that there have been over 300 crashes in the GTA within the past 24 hours and it's all because of the intense snow storm we got. 

Starting yesterday and continuing overnight, the city actually set a record for biggest single-day snowfall. We got over 26 cm in only 14 hours. As you can imagine, a snowfall like that can wreak havoc on our roads, and that's exactly what it did. 

According to OPP Sargent Kerry Schmidt, as of earlier this morning, there were over 300 crashes in the GTA. These crashes have included several vehicles getting stuck, multiple collisions on highway on-ramps which tend to be slippery, and the crashes resulted in several road closures. 

At various points throughout the night, multiple collisions blocked some or all lanes of the highways and stretches of the 401 had to be closed by the OPP because of it. On top of this, in Toronto, they opted to close the DVP so that salt trucks and snow plows would have a chance to work on it. 

We made it through the night, morning drive set to start.300 crashes in the past 24hours in the #GTA and surrounding

January 29, 2019

With the collision count rising higher and higher, it's safe to say that this morning's commute was and continues to be super messy. 

Even now, the collisions are still happening. The OPP is reporting the collisions as they happen and in the past hour, different collisions have blocked all the lanes of the 401 and some other lanes on different highways like the 409. 

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One of the biggest and most recent crashes happened within the past hour on the 401 in Whitby. According to Sgt. Kerry Schmidt, a transport truck actually rolled over on the highway, causing a major problem for drivers. 

There are no updates yet on how long the before the collision is cleared and the spilt load cleared up, but it's likely going to be a super long delay for commuters. 

Major problems on #Hwy401 In Whitby - Transport truck rollover

January 29, 2019

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As always, the OPP is using their winter catchphrase of "see snow, go slow" to remind drivers to be extra cautious when out on the roads today.