Old newspaper boxes in Toronto have more or less gone the way of the dinosaurs but there are some still sticking around in the city and one, in particular, has people asking a lot of questions. 

Located a Parliament and Queen Streets, a newspaper box has been repurposed to conceal safe inside and nobody knows for sure what it is for. 

Old newspaper box with a safe in it. Does anyone know what this is about? Found at Parliament and Queen


A Reddit user posted a picture of the mysterious red box, which has a simple white heart on the front and opens up to reveal a black safe with a pin-pad lock. People have responded to the thread with their theories and there are some interesting ones. 

Suggestions have included everything from the box being part of the Amazing Race, which filmed in Toronto recently to one of the Molson Canadian beer fridges from their ads a couple years ago, although both seem unlikely.

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The leading theory is that the safe provides feminine hygiene products to women in need who are on the streets. The theory is that women can be given the code from a local shelter or aid organization and it is a discreet and accessible way to access those necessary products whenever needed. 

One Redditor claims to have seen a Facebook post about the safe serving that exact purpose, but so far others have been unable to find that post. 

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Despite numerous theories, no one has been able to say for sure what the mysterious red safe is for.