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There Is A New Hand-Pulled Noodles Spot in Toronto With Extremely Long Noodle Pulls

You will want to slurp every last bit!

There is a new hand-pulled noodles spot in the GTA, and you will want to slurp every long noodle until your bowl is empty. At Omni Palace Noodle House, you can order traditional Chinese hand-pulled noodles which is a classic staple dish from Lanzhou, China. 

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It's awesome because you can actually see the master chefs getting busy and straight to work, hand-pulling these noodles for customers! Part of an exceptional and authentic culinary experience is seeing exactly how your food is made. 

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Every noodle dish at Omni Palace is pulled and made fresh in-house to order, you can watch as the specially-trained chefs meticulously stretch and knead your noodle dough into delicate and dainty goodness. It's dinner and a show! These chefs definitely know what they're doing.

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You can admire the show in their massive kitchen space, where customers have a clear view of how their noodles are transformed from a bulk of dough into the noodle shop's nine different noodle styles! The noodles are known for their appetizing and stretchy texture due to the way they are hand-pulled. It all tastes very natural and organic!

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Of their nine different noodle styles, the thinnest and finest type is the Angel Hair Noodle, which is extremely thin and resembles vermicelli style noodles. The other end of the noodle spectrum is their wide flat noodles, which kind of resembles the flatness of lasagna noodles, but cut into slightly thinner strips. These noodles combined with seasoned and tender cube-shaped beef are the perfect blend of satisfaction.

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If you're more of a stir-fry type of foodie, you should try their Lanzhou Stir Fry Noodles ($12.99), as their flavours are more intense and flavourful, perfect to douse with some chili oil or sriracha! Omni Palace also serves a wide array of Asian side dishes like marinated beef shank, marinated kelp, carrots and cucumber and shredded chicken. These smaller dishes pair very well with your large bowl of hot soup noodles!

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Omni Palace is located at 235 Consumers Rd in Toronto and they are open from 1130am until 10pm everyday. For more info, visit their Facebook page.