This Canadian Store Sells Actual Human Remains And It Could Not Be Any More Creepy

Quite literally a skull and bones society.
This Canadian Store Sells Actual Human Remains And It Could Not Be Any More Creepy

SkullStore is a shop located at 1193 Weston Rd on the west side of the city that specializes in selling dead things, including human bones.

The store carries a collection of numerous human body parts, femur bones, skulls, hands you name it and they probably have it.

It’s not just human bones though, you can also buy a wide range of animal remains as well. Currently its site says you can buy things like bear teeth, taxidermy birds or even a crocodile skull.   

Looking to add a dash of colour to your skull collection? We've got the perfect specimens for you - "Easter Lambs"! We are asking $20CAD (~15.50USD) per specimen and each one is unique! Worldwide shipping is available. Buy them now on or in-store Friday-Sunday (12-6pm) at 1193 Weston Rd, Toronto.

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And if dead stuff turns you off you can also buy minerals and really super old jewelry from them as well from era’s such as the Viking age or ancient Egypt.

Now of course you’re probably wondering ‘where do they get all the dead stuff,’ well according to its website the store only sells “pre-existing skulls and animals, we will never commission the hunting of any species nor lay out a financial incentive to kill an animal,” so there’s no need to worry about having paid someone to kill an animal. It also says that all the remains are imported to Canada legally.

The prices of items range widely, with some things costing well over $1,000 but there are plenty of things which are certainly affordable if this is the sort of thing you’re into.   

So if you or a friend are particularly morbid people and wish to show that part of yourself off this may be the perfect store for you to visit.