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There Were 350 Car Accidents In The Past 24 Hours In The Toronto Area Due To Snowy Weather Conditions

OPP responded to 350 accidents in the GTA due to slippery weather conditions in the past 24 hours.
There Were 350 Car Accidents In The Past 24 Hours In The Toronto Area Due To Snowy Weather Conditions

The first brutal snowfall of every year always leads to slippery roads, backed up traffic and a few collisions as drivers can sometimes be forgetful of how treacherous road conditions can actually be during those snowy months. This weekend as the roads started to fill up with snow it seems that drivers were less than cautious as over 350 car crashes occurred in 24 hours within the Toronto area.

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Sgt Kerry Schmidt posted to Twitter this afternoon about those slushy conditions, stating that the Ontario Provincial Police had responded to over 350 crashes just in the GTA alone in the past 24 hours. Schmidt warned that dozens more were also sent to collision reporting centers.

Yesterday evening, the Ontario Provincial Police West Region also reported that they were having the same issue, stating that they had investigated over 80 crashes on Saturday alone.

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The Ontario Provincial Police are warning that many sections of the highway and ramps still have snow and slush, which is making them slippery and tricky to maneuver.

They are also advising drivers to drive safely and to drive slow to avoid collisions from occurring. They are even using the hashtag #SeeSnowGoSlow to inform drivers never to rush when the weather is bad. Sgt Kerry Schmidt even advises drivers to stay home if they can.

The #OPP responded to over 350 crashes in the #GTA over the past 24 hours. Dozens more were sent to collison reporting centers.Many sections of highways and ramps still have snow and slush making driving tricky❄️🚘❄️#DriveSafe#SeeSnowGoSlow pic.twitter.com/nGPuHsplFH

January 20, 2019

The OPP is also advising drivers to always have a full tank of gas and a full windshield washer reservoir filled up while traveling in these snowy conditions. They are also advising you to bundle up, and if you are travelling a long distance to let family and friends know when you are leaving and what time you should be arriving.

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Sgt Kerry Schmidt reported multiple of the accidents that occurred throughout last night and this morning, one of them showcasing a transport truck which ended up in a ditch on the side of the 401 highway after a car lost control and ran into it. No injuries occurred during this accident.

Transport truck rollover #Hwy401 EB west of Trafalgar Road.25 year old driver of a passanger vehicle lost control on the snow covered roads and clipped the transport truck sending it into the ditch. No injuries, clean up ongoing, 1 E/B lane open during clean up pic.twitter.com/SNh2qxCFlw

January 20, 2019

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So, if you are doing some traveling this weekend or during the next big snowfall, always remember to drive slow and stay alert.

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