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There's A $21 Million Mansion Right Beside Drake's House In Toronto

This mega-mansion at 26 Park Lane Circle steps from Drake's Toronto Mansion.
There's A $21 Million Mansion Right Beside Drake's House In Toronto

UPDATE 27/12/18 11:30 AM ET:  Barry Cohen Homes has confirmed that this property is not currently for sale.

Drake bought a house in Toronto's iconic, not too mention super rich, Bridle Path area not too long ago, specifically at 21 Park Lane Circle. He has been renovating it ever since and sharing some videos of the progress along the way.  Earlier this fall, Drake and his architect shared behind the scene pics of the construction to their Instagrams and it looks incredible. The house, which is really more of a castle, is going to be a whopping 35,000 square feet and feature an NBA sized basketball court and an Olympic size pool in the backyard. 

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What's even more exciting than Drakes under-construction home is that there's a house literally just down the road from Drake's Bridle Path property. In fact, according to Google, it's only a 3-minute walk. 

Of course, proximity to the stars doesn't come cheap and the Bridle Path is super expensive to begin with. This house, which is located at 26 Park Lane Circle, is worth an impressive $21.8 million. Fortunately for that price tag, you are paying for more than just famous neighbours. 

The house sits on a gorgeous 6.6-acre property giving you a massive backyard meaning you would have lots of privacy and green space to look out at from the house's massive windows. 

Then there's the inside of the house, which is 25,000 square feet. It's smaller than Drake's but still pretty massive. In all that space there are eight bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, and beautiful living spaces. 

There's also a beautiful and modern gourmet kitchen and a dining room with decorated walls that look like they're straight out of an art gallery. One of the more unique rooms in the house is a circular library with floor to ceiling bookshelves. 

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The final cherry on top of it all, besides having Drake as a neighbour, is the gorgeous indoor pool that will make you feel like you're at the spa. The pool even features a hot tub, several lounging areas, and grand archways over all the doors and windows. 

If you happen to have $22 million burning a hole in your pocket, I recommend calling your real estate agent ASAP because not only is this house incredible on its own, but I bet Drake throws amazing backyard pool parties. 

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