There's A Farm Near Toronto That Actually Lets You Cuddle With Baby Goats

Petting zoos. They're not just for kids!
There's A Farm Near Toronto That Actually Lets You Cuddle With Baby Goats

I self-identify as a city person. I can't see myself enjoying life in the suburbs or in a rural community and I definitely can't see myself enjoying life out in the wild. I've never even been camping before. I need sidewalks, coffee shops, public transit and amenities. So many amenities!

That said, the unfortunate part of living in the city is that you don't get to meet many animals. My interactions are usually limited to pigeons, squirrels, and the occasional racoon or skunk. 

Luckily for me, there are farms not too far from the city where you can have actual encounters with all kinds of animals! There's a farm near Toronto that hosts an animal encounter called "Shmurgle a Goat, Cosy Winter Edition."

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Via Haute Goat

What is a shmurgle? It's where you snuggle, smooch, hug and cuddle animals with enthusiasm! The folks who run this farm are the largest breeders of Nigerian Dwarf Goats in Canada. Haute Goat owners Shain and Debbie regularly host workshops where city folk like me can learn about taking care of animals and give them a hug. 

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When you arrive at the 100-year-old farmhouse, you'll be welcomed by the owners and learn a bit about the history of the farm. You'll learn more about the Nigerian Dwarf Goat breed before you get to go join the 35 goats who call the farm home in their playground. Goats are joyful, fun and curious little cuties who love to hang out and meet people.

Once you have made some new animal friends and gotten to shower affection on baby goats and what not, it's time for lunch! You'll get artisan soup for lunch served with crusty bread and local apple tarts drizzled with goat milk cajeta sauce. Also, you'll get plenty of samples of fresh goat cheese, too!

For this experience, you should really wear boots and dress for the weather. You can reserve your spot for a baby goat cuddling experience right now on Airbnb. The farm also offers other experiences like Goat Yoga throughout the year, so follow them on social for updates!