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There's A "Free Weed Bin" At The Toronto Airport And Canadians Are Going Crazy Over It

There is a bin for weed at the Toronto Pearson Airport.
There's A "Free Weed Bin" At The Toronto Airport And Canadians Are Going Crazy Over It

UPDATE, October 26th 9h00 am: A spokesperson for the Greater Toronto Airport Authority have responded to the Redditor claims. All the details here. 

Since marijuana was legalized on October 17th, officials have placed a bin for discarded marijuana at the Toronto Pearson Airport and it's causing quite the stir. Canadians are now calling it a "free weed bin" on Reddit and the whole thing is downright hilarious. What a time to be alive. So if you can't stand waiting for your weed to be delivered, apparently you can just head on over to the airport and grab some for free!

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It all started when a Redditor called SailishSailor posted a picture of a bin at the Toronto airport onto Reddit. A sign above the bin says, "dispose of your cannabis here before proceeding". According to SailishSailor, the bin is placed just before security. 

The user titled the thread "Pearson International installed a "free weed" bin :)". The post has since got blown up on Reddit Toronto with over 1000 upvotes and over 200 comments. It was also upvoted 98 percent of the time. 

Via SalishSailor | Reddit

People are now talking about how it's basically an opportunity to get free weed, comparing it to the likes of box libraries where you can drop off and pick up books for free.

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"You know those little box libraries in residential neighbourhoods where you can drop off or pick up a book", commented Redditor escape_character. It received 186 points. Another person, user George1793, responded to the comment and wrote, "marijuana library. what an age we live in" and it got 148 points. 

The original poster, SailishSailor, commented "It's okay, not flying today, just here to get some free weed from the bin". It got over 700 points. Another Redditor, DonJulioTO commented, "Have a doobie? Leave doobie. Need a doobie? Take a doobie" and it got 270 points.

You can check out all the reactions on the Reddit thread here. So next time you're at the Toronto airport, you never know what free gifts you may find. 

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