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There's A Huge Banksy Art Exhibit Happening In Toronto This Summer

There will be 80 different original works on display!

If you haven't already heard about the world famous street artist, Banksy he's basically known all around the globe for his controversial graffiti art but his identity is still completely unknown. 

His art is located all over the world and currently there's only one piece of art by him in Toronto, but this summer there's going to be a massive exhibit where over 80 pieces of original Banksy art will be displayed! 

This massive exhibit is sure to be a super popular event in the city and is actually being dubbed the largest Banksy exhibit ever assembled! 

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The Banksy Exhibit will be taking place on June 13th for 4 weeks and it's going to be extremely exclusive. You can officially get in line for tickets tomorrow, May 12th at 10 am and you definitely want to set an alarm for this one. 

The exhibit is carefully curated, featuring 80 different original Banksy works from 40 different art collectors. It's super difficult to curate an exhibit like this one and the chance that these works will ever been seen together in this volume again is almost impossible! 

The exhibit will be taking place at 213 Sterling Road which is a showroom near the Bloordale Village and Junction Triangle areas. This unique exhibit already toured in Melbourne, Australia where it was said Banksy was unhappy with the exhibit so we can maybe expect something new and unique at the Toronto exhibit!

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Check out their website for more information and to buy your tickets!