There’s A Lake On This Mountain In Ontario And You're Going To Want To Road Trip There ASAP

It's time to add this to your summer bucket list!
There’s A Lake On This Mountain In Ontario And You're Going To Want To Road Trip There ASAP

Canada is full of hidden gems, and a few of them happen to be found in Ontario. From the Scarborough Bluffs to Flowerpot Island, the province has a long bucket list of places to discover - and Prince Edward County is home to one of the most fascinating.

Located a few hours from Toronto, the city is known for its summer beaches and national parks. It’s the perfect Ontario getaway for those who want to travel locally, and it's also the place where you can check out Lake on the Mountain, their coolest secret attraction.

Situated nearly 60 meters above the Bay of Quinte, an area on the northern shore of Lake Ontario, the Lake on the Mountain attracts thousands of visitors to be a witness to it’s wonder each year. Early settlers even referred to it as the “Lake of the Gods”, and believed that spirits swam within its water. They also believed that the lake was bottomless.

While there is a lot of history that surrounds the lake, there's also a lot of mystery. Being a natural wonder and all, Lake on the Mountain defies all the odds of geographical and geological theory.

There is no exact origin of how the place came to be, but there's been suggestions of volcanos, meteorites, and a massive glacier whirlpool. The most believable theory, however, is that it's due to a collapsed doline (which is a sinkhole, or something).

Available at the park are picnic tables situated all across the land, where you can devour a nice lunch in front of an insta-worthy view. For those who want to fish, people can even try catching some Large and Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike and sunfish in the bay.

While the entrance for the lake is supposed to be for day-use only, you can also check into the Lake on the Mountain Inn & Resort. At the resort, you're able to enjoy excellent food at their Miller House, which was built in 1796 and offers some incredible views of the area. For accomodations, you can also spend a couple of nights in one of their many cottages. 

With both magnificient views of Lake on the Mountain and the Bay of Quinte, this Ontario natural wonder is something to add to your bucket list.

The park is open from May to October. You can also check out their official website for more information.

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