Toronto will have its very own Grand Prix race tomorrow (Thursday, July 8th) at the Addison's Residence. The race will be a tad different from the one going on in Montreal this upcoming weekend, but we think the altered idea is pretty awesome.

The Addisons are hosting a Mario Kart Grand Prix tournament! Yes, that's right, hold on tight to those bananas because this is the perfect opportunity to become the Mario Kart King/Queen of Toronto. There will be several free giveaways and one grand prize for the winner!

Get your speed boost ready Toronto, the tournament begins at 8pm sharp. There's no guest list or cover, drinks and beers are $4 till 10 pm and of course there will be free pizza.  If you're a dedicated Mario Kart player and are interested in kicking everyones a$$,  shoot an email to

Check out the Facebook event page for more details.

Photo cred - The Addison's Residence