There's A Mega Ramen Food Challenge Happening In Toronto Today And It Will 100% Put You In A Food Coma

Toronto's foodie community has become massive in the past few years, from charcoal ice cream to bubble waffle pizza, and with insane food creations come insane food challenges. Thankfully if you've been on the look out for a new way to send yourself into a food coma, we've got just the event for you! 

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Kinton Ramen is a ramen spot in the city that is well known for their delicious bowls of savoury ramen. Though they've decided to mix it up by offering a "Mega Butter Chashu Ramen" challenge- and this is definitely not an activity for the faint of heart. 

So what exactly do you have in store for yourself if you take on the challenge? The insanely huge bowl of ramen includes Kinton's original pork broth, 8 servings of pork belly, 3 servings of chicken breast, 3 servings of bean sprouts, 3 servings of thick noodles, scallions and butter! 

Though the insane challenge doesn't come without some strict rules. In order to participate you'll have to be at least 18 or older and in order to get the bowl for free, you have to complete the challenge in 15 minutes! Otherwise you pay the full value which is $35. 

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If you are doubting how insane this challenge is, maybe keep in mind that on their Facebook page Kinton is informing participants that they'll have to sign a waiver in case of any kind of problem that comes as a result of trying to complete the challenge. Though they of course have in their rules that not pushing yourself too hard is their number one priority! 

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If you are already planning on heading down tonight, you can visit Kinton Ramen over in Queen West at 402 Queen St W. The event will be running from 5:00-930 PM so arrive early if you want to make sure you get your chance to overload on ramen! Until then you can find out more information by visiting their Facebook page for the event by clicking here