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There's A Museum Full Of Crazy Optical Illusions Opening In Toronto Next Month

The city of Toronto is always exciting. There's absolutely no reason to ever be bored here because at any point in the year you can find a festival, a new restaurant opening, a street sale or even a new museum to occupy your time. All you have to do is call up one of your closest friends and head out on your next adventure! 

Lucky for everyone living in Toronto, we know that we always get to host the Canadian openings whenever an international event comes to our great country. Last year it was the Yayoi Kusama Mirror Exhibit which completely blew us away, this year it's a super cool Museum of Illusions! 

The Museum of Illusions has opened in multiple locations across Europe and the Middle East so far and this fall it's coming to Canada! This museum is all about tricking the eye and confusing your mind in a fun and exciting way. 

The Museum of Illusions is officially opening up it's Toronto location on October 13th next month! The museum will be showcasing multiple exhibits that will prove nothing it is what it seems. They encourage people to take pictures while they're exploring the museum to trick their friends into believing the impossible. 

They haven't released their pre-sale tickets yet but they plan to soon! There isn't a whole lot of information on the Toronto location just yet but according to their other locations they will be open 365 days out of the year from 10am-9pm. Their European locations cost around 12 Euros which would translate to $18 Canadian. 

The museum will be filled with some pretty cool stuff as you can see from the pictures including holograms, optical illusions, unusual rooms, installations and so much more! There will be a total of 60-70 exhibits on display when they open! 

The museum is under construction currently and will open up at 132 Front Street East in the heart of Old Toronto! It will take a minimum of 45 minutes to walk through the entire museum and even longer if you snap photos along the way. 

It's clear that this museum is going to be a huge hit so we should expect to see some lineups in the first few months of it's opening! 

Check out theirwebsite for more information! 

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