When you hear the word 'lagoon' you'll most likely think of a secret swimming hole complete with turquoise waters hidden in deep in a lush forest untouched but waiting to be discovered. When you think of this lagoon you probably picture it in somewhere tropical like Bali or the Caribbean, definitely not in Ontario. 

You might be surprised to hear that this exact lagoon that I just described exists right here in Ontario, you just have to find it! This hidden lagoon complete with turquoise waters and a flowing waterfall surrounded by a lush forest is called Paradise Lagoon and it's located in Sudbury, Ontario! 

It's a truly magical place that's just waiting for you to discover it this summer. 

Via Mobile Oppression Palace

Via Mobile Oppression Palace

Paradise Lagoon is connected by the flowing Chiniguchi River to the stunning Wolf Lake Forest Reserve. There's a reason this secret waterfall lagoon has stayed, for the most part, a secret and that's because you can't get there by car or even fully by foot. 

There's two different ways to access the this breathtaking blue lagoon in just a quick day trip. One is to bring/rent  a canoe and commit to a portage or two and the other is to bring/rent a mountain bike or an ATV. If you head down to the middle of this article written by Northern Ontario Travel you'll find a thorough explanation on exactly how to get there step by step! 

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Clearly, this hidden paradise lagoon is not the easiest to access, but that makes it so much better right? A truly untouched oasis that's sitting in the heart of a lush Ontario forest is just waiting to be discovered this summer! This adventure is almost too irresistible!

Once you finally arrive at this magical destination you'll be rewarded with the most amazing natural site and you can spend the day swimming in the crystal blue waters, floating under the rushing waterfalls and taking pictures of the scenery around you. 

To get to Wolf Lake and as close as to Paradise Lagoon as possible it will be about a 5 hour drive from Toronto, 5 hours 50 mins from Ottawa, 7 hours 10 mins from Kingston and 6 hours 19 mins from London.

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Check out the map for directions to Sudbury and this article for specific directions to the lagoon. There is also a petition you can sign here that is working to protect this area from threats of mining in an effort to conserve it's beauty.