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Guys, there’s a new Star Wars-themed escape room in the Toronto area — and we. can't. even!

Seriously, though, escape rooms are definitely high up on our list of favourite indoor activities — especially when they’re themed. Adventure plus trivia plus fan fiction? Now that's a recipe for some serious fun. Hells yeah! 

What’s cool about Oshawa Escape Rooms is that they’re a family-owned business that has a bunch of themed escape rooms.

I gotta say that I’m crazy excited for their upcoming addition: a Stranger Things-themed escape room, ladies and gentlemen! This highly anticipated room will open in July, and Oshawa Escape Rooms is accepting pre-bookings beginning July 8.

You and your friends will be transported to the city of Hawkins, Indiana, and will discover the spooky dimension of the Upside Down World. Who knows? You might even leave there with superpowers like Eleven.

But the Star Wars room is all about escaping the dark side. You’re thrown into a junkyard and stumble upon a broken-down ship. And here’s the kicker: The ship is your only chance for escape because, in just 60 minutes, the entire place is rigged to blow. It’s you and your crew versus the First Order.

Ummm, talk about intense! And that’s just what Oshawa Escape Rooms aims to deliver with their newest room. Of course, they’re also all about having fun too, so don’t worry — the place won’t actually blow up! (But did we mention there are light sabers on-hand? Pretty cool, right?!)

Basically, this escape room is great not only for Star Wars fans, but also for groups of friends, colleagues, and families. Escape rooms = epic team building.

No matter your crew, we’re all for any group activity that combines one of our favourite franchises of all time with a little bit of real-life adventure. Plus, groups can range in size anywhere from four to ten people, and it’s just $30.97 per player.

To book your Star Wars adventure click here, and be sure to check out Oshawa Escape Rooms on Facebook and Instagram.