We've heard about the lantern festival in Ontario that will feature thousands of lanterns floating up to the sky in a beautiful display of lights. But a new festival is coming which will also feature a beautiful display of lanterns but this time they're floating across silky smooth waters! 

Can you imagine how beautiful it will be to see the reflection of thousands of bright lanterns against the navy blue water? It will be a truly stunning sight! 

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The Water Lantern Festival is taking place in Buffalo, New York on May 26th around twilight. You may think Buffalo isn't actually close by but it's actually less than a 2 hour drive from Toronto! 

How the festival works is you show up a bit before launch time, enjoy food trucks and music, then they'll give you a marker and a floating lantern and you can write or draw anything you want on your lantern before you send it off on it's journey! 

This event is actually travelling all across the United States so if you can't make it to the Buffalo stop you can travel anywhere else in the States all summer long to experience it! 

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Tickets to the event cost $30 and include your lantern, a marker, your wristband, a keychain flashlight, and entry into the area! You can arrive at the event anytime after 4pm, at 7pm everyone will be encouraged to start designing their lanterns, and from 7:30-8:30pm is the lantern launch! 

You can watch your beautiful lanterns float along the water after dark before the event ends at 9pm. The festival doesn't leave all the lanterns in the water though, they make sure to clean up and collect all the lanterns to maintain a sustainable event! All the lanterns are also made out of sustainable materials like rice paper and wood so they are completely eco-friendly. 

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Check out their website to purchase tickets for the event!